January 30, 2019


2SJ 1. TOSHIBA Field Effect Transistor Silicon P Channel Junction Type. 2SJ Low Noise Audio Amplifier Applications. · Recommended for. 2SJ74 datasheet, 2SJ74 circuit, 2SJ74 data sheet: TOSHIBA – Low Noise Audio Amplifier Applications,alldatasheet, datasheet, Datasheet search site for. 2SJ74 datasheet, 2SJ74 circuit, 2SJ74 data sheet: TOSHIBA – P CHANNEL JUNCTION TYPE (LOW NOISE AUDIO AMPLIFIER APPLICATIONS), alldatasheet.

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Currently I am concentrating stashing away a couple of hundred of 2SKs. February 25,datahseet Microphone amplifiers, phono preamplifiers, audio amplifiers and preamps, discrete low-noise operational amplifiers, battery-operated audio preamps, audio mixer consoles, acoustic sensors, sonic imaging, and instrumentation amplifiers, wideband differential amplifiers, high speed comparators, impedance converters, voltage controlled resistors, sample and hold, source followers.

I’ve never purchased from them, so I can’t vouch for them as a company.

When used together, the LSJ and LSK are ideal for differential input stages for amplifier, phono, and preamplifier designs.

Engineers are invited to contact Linear Integrated Systems for assistance with application or special testing dztasheet. Thanks for the tip Charlie!

2SJ74 Datasheet

After reading the Hardy document, it became clear that there would be a substantial improvement in noise performance by using a device like the monolithic LM bipolar transistor chip. December 21, May 21, But I will be using the devices datasheet hopefully an instrumentation based amp for line level buffering. Hi Tamas Sorry I missed your reply there for a while I may be up for a few to make your order up The company’s small-signal discrete product lines are specifically designed to service the new design and second-source requirements of customers in the audio, hybrid, medical, space, test and measurement markets.


November 05, Toll Free Phone: I’m going to compare specs from the datasheets Thanks a lot Fred! Common picks by professionals: Thats great stuff Tamas – cheers! Linear Integrated Systems for assistance with application or special testing issues.

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The main amplifer in the buffer will be a Forssell Started by analag The Lab. Started by zebra50 The Lab.

Thanks that’s exactly what I meant: Linear Integrated Datasheeg supplies pin for pin replacements for more than 2, discrete devices currently offered or discontinued by Interfet, Intersil, Micro Power Systems, Motorola, National, Fairchild, Toshiba, and Siliconix-Vishay. Tom, I am looking at the November time frame to get one thousand.

2Sj74 datasheet & applicatoin notes – Datasheet Archive

So what else can be used when they are 2sm74 gone?? Thats excellent – just what I was wondering – thank you muchly! Tamas, let me know if you want a hand adding to your total buy of the 2SKs – I may be in for at that price if its not too much trouble.


Please state the specific application in which you desire to use them.

Кол-во 2 транзистор 2SJ74 TO/pkg Silicon P-канальный полевой транзистор 25 Вольт AMP | eBay

A unique Monolithic Dual design construction of interweaving each JFET on the same piece of silicon provide excellent matching and thermal tracking. If it’s OK to provide scans of recent magazine articles I can provide. Not that the makes a poor line level device Just a little bump up, with a question.

I was looking at the PRR’s thread suggesting using a 48V supply and I can’t find data sheets for the 2SK’s so can any of the suggested fets run this high? I’m guessing its a lot. As a general rule how many JFets would one go through to get, say 20 pairs well matched? Thanks for the suggestions – when are you planning to buy some 2SKs? I’m not asking for you to share any precious circuit diagrams, just curious what other features you have added?