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Important Things to Know About St. Petersburg Real Estate

Keller William St. Pete is a competitive real estate agency that is the premier choice of home buyer. In downtown St. Petersburg, Keller Williams offers their luxury suite, meeting clients, preparing for open houses, freely advertising luxury listings, and collaborating with the Realtors of Luxury Suite homes. Keller Williams Realtors are the best when it comes to luxury home buying and selling as they are considered Certified Luxury Homes Marketing Specialists helping buyers and sellers meet according to their needs and preferences.

Why should you choose to live in St. Petersburg, Florida? There are many benefits living in St. Petersburg, Florida such as dealing with friendly people, reliable and accessible mode of transport or commute, great activities and events, the relaxing beach, walkability, great weather, craft beer, progressive culture, artistic culture, live music, LGBT acceptance, fantastic restaurants, and its beautiful homes. The downtown of St. Petersburg is packed into around one square mile, where you can walk along the streets and view restaurants, bars, art galleries, grocery stores, tattoo shops, coffee shops, and the beautiful waterfront. In St. Pete, you can survive living even without a car because you can just rent a bike or purchase a bike instead of a car to save on gasoline. Try to visit our homepage to see the list of current homes for sale in and around St. Petersburg downtown. Enjoy the beach with your family and build sand castle. You’ll be impressed with St. Pete’s Shine Mural Fest, where art creations are on the sides of establishments and buildings that turn the entire city into a large scale art gallery with creative and intricate designs. St. Pete is the place for happy people, and it is easy to get meet new friends here through meet and greet parties, local events, fitness meetups, boat charters, bar adventures, and comedy club meetups.

We are proud to say that St. Pete is the perfect place to stay if you want fun and adventure, the cost of living is affordable, fair houses for sale, and we don’t have state tax. There is always a place for everyone here, from run down fixer uppers or upper-class water-front mansions. You can click the link below to see homes for sales or click here to get started to find the perfect home for you in Keller Williams St Pete. Feel free to check us out and contact us for more information about Keller Williams Luxury Homes. Come and live in St. Pete and view website now!

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