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Acropora hyacinthus is a coral that forms large, low, roughly circular tables or semi-circular brackets. It has a fairly variable form, mostly due to its very wide. PDF | On Jan 1, , Fumihito Iwase and others published Artificial breeding method of Acropora hyacinthus (Scleractinia, Cnidaria). original description (ofAcropora conferta (Quelch, )) Quelch, J.J. Report on the reef-corals collected by H.M.S. Challenger during the years

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Veron and WallaceWallace I have a green with blue tip hyacinthus. Feb 12, Messages: Retrieved 5 September This species is divisible into several smaller semi-distinct taxonomic units. Points indicate recorded sightings from OBIS. Ever since that happened I can’t get the tips blue again.

Acropora hyacinthus. Corals of the World – Photos, maps and information about corals and reefs

Australian Institute of Marine Species. Madrepora Polystachys surculosa Dana, Synonymy. Great Barrier Reef, Australia.

  AAT 7601 PDF

Like other Tabling Acros, the flow pattern and direction will dictate the growth pattern. Share This Page Tweet.

Uniform cream, brown, grey or green with or without blue which may photograph pink growing margins. The one drawback with them is as they grow, they make a big shadow. Colonies are wide flat plates and tables or tiered aggregations of small plates.

Acropora Polystachus hyacinthus Dana, previous combination. Here is a pic of my green a.

Acropora Hyacinthus

Jun 13, Messages: ORA may be able to tell you the exact species. Here is a top down picture of mine.

Madrepora pectinata Brook, synonymy. Dec 25, Messages: When I hyaacinthus frag it I have to let the frag completely heal in my tank before I give it out or else it will die.

Acropora conferta Quelch, synonymy. I got mine from a local who got it from Leishman. Madrepora recumbens Brook, synonymy. Acropora bifurcata Nemenzo, Synonymy. Blackhawk FanFeb 13, Retrieved 14 August Madrepora Polystachys conferta Quelch, Synonymy.

Crown-of-thorns starfish preferentially prey upon Acropora corals.


Acropora Hyacinthus | REEF2REEF Saltwater and Reef Aquarium Forum

Acropora hyacinthus Dana, Acropora turbinata Dana, However, it has a very wide distribution, and may be found in clear water and lagoonal areas to 35 m deep Sheppard, It is super sensitive.

Dec 3, Messages: A tabular species with fine branches which project upwards. United States Exploring Expedition during the years Acropora pectinata Brook, synonymy.

Colonies are wide, flat tables which are thin and finely structured. Showing plate formation in exposed habitat. They may show elongated axial corallites, or else the branchlet tips may terminate in “rosettes” of calices with no protuberant axial corallite.

Tiers of overlapping plates. It has a fairly variable form, mostly due to its very wide range of habitats. Madrepora hyacinthus Dana, Acroopora 5 January