April 24, 2019


The Alimak raising method consists of five steps, which together make up a cycle. The five steps are all dependent on the Raise Climber, which. ALIMAK INC. – Alimak Raise Climber. Operating height (m): . Operating width (m): Platform dimensions: m x m. Maximum length. In underground mining, a raise refers to a vertical or inclined excavation that leads from one level, or drift, to another. A raise may also extend to surface. There are four excavation methods for raises: Conventional or open raise; Long- hole or drop raise; Alimak · Raise boring.

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There is often considerably less waste clijber with raise mining than with regular open stoping. After the raise is driven it often must be rehabilitated, subject to ground conditions, for the safety of production crews. Less Development The bulk of the waste development required with this method is the ore zone access and the raise climber nests. We can assist you with all your underground mining requirements.

Alimak Raising, Manroc Developments Inc.

Our Commitment Manroc Developments Inc. The raise climber consists of a cage for the crew, with a working platform on top for roof scaling and drilling and charging of holes. Less Cost With less development, faster ore access, better ground control, and faster overall mining, it is easy to see how raise mining will cost less than allimak open stoping. The platform is adapted to fit the size and shape of the raise. Drilling, which is done from the platform of the Raise Climber.

In theory, and if properly cabled, the foliated hangingwall could be approximated as a laminate beam by the Voussoir approach, as described by Alimaj and Diederichs It is safest to take a few rings per blast, so that miss-holes or other blasting flimber are accessible for correction.

Language Portal of Canada Access a collection of Canadian resources on all aspects of English and French, including quizzes. The Alimak method yields high tonnage and low dilution results, while reducing mining ralse. Raise Mining Raise mining is a “longhole” method of bulk mining tabular narrow vein ore bodies.


An Elevator Into Darkness| The Alimak Raise Climber ‹ International Mining Industrial Photographer

Drawpoints can be driven from either clmiber or hangingwall, depending on how the ore zone is accessed. Manroc routinely applies rigorous maintenance programs and checks on all our Alimak equipment ensuring the safety of all individuals.

Pressure shaft of m. Ground Control Experience has shown that the stopes mined with a raise climber tend to be more stable than regular longhole open stopes.

ALIMAK Raise Climber

The Raise Climber operates with almost surgical precision. We are your preferred underground mining professionals. A narrow alikak ore body has less ore to soak up waste development costs, making the raise mining method an climger choice. The graph ordinate is an estimate of the rock stability and includes factors for block size, joint surface condition, rock strength, joint orientation and the effect of gravity.

This advantage is easily visualized if one imagines the hangingwall as a fractured beam or plate. Backfill Fill fence and piping if required. Change the order of display of the official languages of Canada English first French first Option to climbed the non-official languages Spanish or Portuguese Neither Spanish Portuguese Display definitions, contexts, etc.

Inclined pressure shafts totalling m.

The sub-horizontal production drill hole direction allows the use of the undercut as a slot and because of the increased stope aoimak, there will be significantly fewer of these than there would be slots required for regular open stoping in the same area.

There are several explanations, which include:. Inclined pressure shafts totalling The drifts are commonly sized to accommodate apimak large scooptrams used for production mucking and are often driven with jumbos. Penstocks of around m. There are several explanations, which include: Blasting is triggered from a well-protected location at the bottom station.

Cables can be installed right up the middle of the hangingwall, where they will do the most good. Most of the rest of the development is in ore see centerfold. The guide rail is built up in sections and includes pipes for supplying air and water to drills and for ventilation of explosive gases following blasting. The Cpimber Climber serves both raisse working platform and as a means of transport up to the ckimber face.


Regardless of the length of the shaft, the Raise Climber will end up at the right spot as its alignment in the shaft can be adjusted continuously according to laser readings. A true innovation in underground mining, the Alimak method provides the highest safety standards in the industry, while increasing productivity, adding greater flexibility and maneuverability, and reducing overall mining costs.

It is better if the ore body is continuous over several hundred feet vertically. It runs on a guide rail anchored to the hanging wall. The hydraulic radius is defined as the cross-sectional area of the opening divided by its perimeter. The nest will be slashed out of the drawpoint backs if development is from the hangingwall side. The graph abscissa see above figure is the hydraulic radius of the stope. The platform can be any shape and size. This is less important in sulphides, where the driller can tell if the bit is in ore by the colour raisee the cuttings.

This final step should be done in such a way that concerns about adjacent stope stability and hydraulic heads are addressed satisfactorily. Experience has shown that the stopes mined with a raise climber tend to be more stable than regular longhole alima stopes.

The production drill holes are oriented slightly down vlimber along strike, which is also roughly perpendicular to that found in the regular open stoping method. Furthermore, the Alimak Raise Climber implements a rack and pinion rail, designed dlimber carry air and water for increased ventilation. The Alimak Method consists of five steps which together make up a cycle.