November 18, 2018


14 Nov Sister Jesme on why she wrote that controversial book Amen. 10 Oct Amen autobiography of Sister Jesme is a thrilling read. Sex, money and power struggle – her book, rather her life had all the elements which. 31 Mar Whistleblower Sister Jesme: Kerala nun should throw Rs 12 lakh She has even penned a book called “Amen” based on her experiences.

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We appreciate your feedback. Yes she is a movie buff. After some years, when she becomes the principle of a college, they try to remove her from the post by falsely accusing her of wrong doings.

She was a member of the Congregation of the Mother Carmelite CMC which she forced to leave for reasons of emotional torment, after 33 years as a nun. It affirms Jesme’s unbroken spirit and faith in Jesus and the Church, living like a nun but outside the Four Walls of the Convent.

Hamra Kehi Prasiddha Sahitakar Bhaag 1. You are commenting using your WordPress.

From the slippery slope of sexual exploitation to the rocky roads of systematic corruption and abject racism, comes a book that is ejsme sum total of thirty three years of facing the reality behind the iron dark walls of the Christian self proclaimed Infallible World.

Almost ten words on every page were within quotes, like why should ‘ plus two’ be within quotes when referring to plus two students.

Sins of the fathers – States News – Issue Date: Mar 9,

There are a hundred categories to choose from when it comes to books. Books are not only written to educate, they are written for leisure and even for the metamorphosis of the soul. People are obsessed with sex and the word sex, so someone made up this story. Some of the accusations that she makes are threatening the very foundation of the Church sisterr Kerala. She too gets angry when met with injustice at her place of work.


They ask for donations and many sisters harbor petty jealousies against other sisters. Insight into the world of Nuns Amen has its moments no doubt especially where sr Jesme On the front cover of AMEN atleast in the one I have you notice a line on the top, it starts with the words, ‘a taboo breaking So they can’t ajen the confessions and conduct many other rites like the priests who are males and who even enjoy the luxury of drinking liquor. There was a Sister Abhaya Murder case in which two Catholic priests and a nun were arrested and the suicide case of a nun who was made to do all the chores in the convent and in the night she was sexually harassed by the head of the convent.

Whistleblower Sister Jesme: Kerala nun should throw Rs 12 lakh compensation back at church

I literally had to slog through it. All the ills of the contemporary world are likely to creep into the church too. The age a,en sisters are looked after with great love and affection by the younger ones. The authorities’ repeated attempts to have her declared insane, she says, left her no other option. She had been the principal of the reputed Vimala College in Thrissur, run by the powerful 35 lakh-member Syro-Malabar Church SMCthe largest Indian Catholic church, before she quit to launch her tell-all autobiography.

An OTP has been sent to your email address. I literally had to slog through it. No trivia or quizzes yet. After some years, when she becomes the principle of a college, they try to remove her from the post by falsely accusing her of wrong doings. She also never acknowledges any wrongdoing anywhere throughout the book, which makes me wonder.


Chura liya hai tumne. Lately, however, it is the dark side that has made headlines see box. It would be very difficult to ignore them.

If one goes by her words, she is an exceptionally brilliant yet humble human being who has dedicated her whole life to Jesus, on a one-woman mission to reform the church through compassion.

Sins of the fathers

I asked the nun if she had been harassed and she said no. Also, she has adopted the use of modified names rather than the original names of the people involved.

She resigned from her post vy Principal of St.

She’s so everything that she actually deserves a YoSrJesmeSo set of jokes. It is definitely so and is may be ‘certainly’ the first-of-its-kind in India, but it tells what you wanted to hear.

Amen: The autobiography of a nun | VIOLET CRUSH

Overall rating No ratings yet 0. What is the problem with Sr. May 28, Shashwat Shriparv rated it really liked it. She is sincere about putting her problems that authority seemingly ignores like corruption and homosexuality.

Sister Jesme was quite a senior teacher within the faculty of the Catholic colleges within my hometown of Thrissur in Kerala, serving as Vice Principal hesme one institution Vimala College and Principal in another St. A life of sermonizing and spiritual marketingmajority of them leading a fradulent life unintrested in practising what they preach.