November 18, 2018


About the book Astronomical Algorithms. In the field of celestial calculations, Jean Meeus has enjoyed wide acclaim and respect since long before. Jean Meeus (born 12 December ) is a Belgian meteorologist and amateur astronomer Astronomical Algorithms (), 2nd ed, ISBN Astronomical Formule. for Calculators ERWIRTH RATIO. Jean Meeus. FOURTH EDITION. Enlarged & Revised. 1+cos i k=2. B = + sin F. + sin.

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The past 10 years, however, have seen a stunning revolution in how the world’s major observatories produce their almanacs.

Planets in Perihelion and Aphelion And now this Belgian astronomer has outdone himself yet again with Astronomical Algorithms! Sidereal Time at Greenwich 87 The second edition contains new chapters about the Jewish and Moslem Calendars, and on the satellites of Saturn, and a new Appendix giving expressions polynomials for the heliocentric coordinates of the giant planets Jupiter to Neptune from to Discussions are complete enough to make the equations fully understandable to the novice, and virtually every algorithm includes a fully worked numerical example.


Position of the Moon Julian Day 59 8.

Maximum Declinations of the Moon Naval Observatory in Washington, D. There are times when an amateur astronomer wants to perform the computations that support his or her observations.

Equation of Time Perigee and Apogee of the Moon The Ring of Saturn Illuminated Fraction of the Disk and Magnitude of a Planet Transformation of Coordinates 91 Binary Stars Hints and Tips 7 2.

Stellar Magnitudes About Accuracy 15 3.

The Calculation of some Planetary Astrono,ical Planetary Conjunctions Rising, Transit and Setting Ephemeris for Physical Observations of Jupiter With his special knack for computations of all sorts, the author has made the essentials of these modern techniques available to us all.

Many of them have warmly acknowledged their debt astromomical should haveciting the unparalleled clarity of his instructions and the rigor of his methods. Dynamical Time and Universal Time 77 The text alone is helpful for understanding how the theories of celestial mechanics are applied in practice.

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Semidiameters of the Sun, Moon and Planets Positions of the Planets Phases of the Moon Sorting Numbers 55 7. Near-Parabolic Motion Equation of Kepler Bodies in a Straight Line We are currently shipping the June printing which corrects all known errors.

Astronomical Algorithms, Second Edition by Jean Meeus direct from the Publisher

In the jeah of celestial calculations, Jean Meeus has enjoyed wide acclaim and respect since long before microcomputers and pocket calculators appeared on the market.

Ephemeris for Physical Observations of the Sun Nutation and the Obliquity of the Ecliptic Positions of the Satellites of Jupiter Yet algoritbms now the fruits of this exciting work have remained mostly out of reach of ordinary people.

Equinoxes and Solstices Elements of the Planetary Orbits