November 18, 2018


1 Jul Ballad of Jed Clampett. Genre: Country Style: Clawhammer and Old-Time Key: G Tuning: Standard Open G (gDGBD) Difficulty: Beginner. I have been learning the Ballad of Jed Clampett from Earl Scruggs book It’s murder learning banjo tunes from tab, especially for a beginner. You are here: Home · Songs Ballad of Jed Clampett (TAB,video, MP3s) A banjo-led bridge serves as the fill between verses and as the fade-out coda.

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Never could three finger pick it.

Clawhammer Tune and Tab of the Week: “The Ballad of Jed Clampett”

With TablEdit you can play the tab, slow it down, etc – it adds another really good tool to your learning toolbox. You have to register for the free membership to see the video and tab.

Beaumont Rag F Genre: As for his other breaks to BSR: The tab includes all the breaks and the chords so you can pick with a friend if you have one.

Bajjo traditional Irish hornpipe Double C Capoed 2. I agree with all the previous comments, in particular with a banjo on my knee the listeners expect to hear Jed Clampett and Dueling Banjos. Find a Teacher Take your playing to the next level with the help of a local or online banjo teacher.

When I started learning this I didn’t think it sounded like the song either. I made a slide show video to accompany the music with background by a cello banjo https: I had trouble with it too for clampety long time.

To ” oldfox ” speeding up my playing of it once I had sussed out the tab made it identifiable, cheers. In my 13 months of playing this has been the number 1 requested song right behind Dueling Banjos.


Stick to it and it will come. He never picks anything tag the same way. She knew I had just started playing … but even up here in Canada that was the first request that I had to do! Unfortunately I do not have the Earl Scruggs cd to listen to it, but know the tune well.

The Ballad Of Jed Clampett banjo – Earl Scruggs Tabs

Thanks ‘blamethebanjo’ I will try to record myself playing it and attempt to post it! Just click on 2 years instead of free or upgrade for free to BHO baplad later.

Lucky you, you live in the age of YouTube. Intermediate Posted by Matthessupdated: I wouldn’t even bother attempting to learn that. Unfortunately I do not have the Earl Scruggs cd to listen to it, but know the tune well. Intermediate Posted by speedbumpupdated: Clashing of cultures and hilarity ensues. I just went there and typed in “ballad of jed clampett banjo lesson” and got this excellent hit of someone playing it tabb slow.

Which version of the book are you using?


My jaw drops every week when you put out a new video. Your tunes are outstanding and your approach to them seems to mesh with how I learn to play the instrument as well. Bully of the town Genre: We Buy Vintage Gibson Banjos. Shame about the one patronising comment fromcould have put me off the hangout. It is just Reno and Smiley in the clip, not the rest of the band, and they play it through about five times, like I mentioned, they do it in A not G as Scruggs does, and Reno does not use a capo.

It xlampett obviously a message of some sort.

Forum Classifieds Tab All other pages. To ” tommy5 ” paying attention to the quarter notes has also been a big help. Bugle Call Rag Backup Genre: And it’s obvious that they are playing along with a recording because they are out of sync with the music and what Don is doing in the video is not what he is doing in the recording.


The Ballad of Jed Clampett, a.

Bottle of Wine Genre: Blue days, black nights Genre: Ballzd oldfox I clam;ett not to sure what book version it is but I have only had it for a few months so it should be the current one.

This is exciting to me! Thanks all once again. Catch the video of Muleskinner on youtube. Please check out the videos. Free Jed Clampett Go to. Welcome Dickeybow69, Have you considered recording your playing the song and posting it here?

Pickersacademy – Ballad of Jed Clampett (TAB,video, MP3s)

It still does’nt sound like the song I know! I went home downloaded the chords adapted my guitar playing finger style and had the whole crowd singing … of course the younger staff just looked a little puzzled? Intermediate Posted ballad of jed clampett banjo tab bangoupdated: I am no stranger to music and know a tune when I hear it, even better at that are my wife who used to sing in a gospel group and my nephew who clamett a super banjo player, and they cannot identify it!!

Three finger banjo is all about the emphasis.

I cant find it on youtube. Which is great mind you, but is it possible to see the tab without pestering you for email?