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20 May A very, very short prose-exercise by Nobelist Brodsky about Venice, his many wintertime trips there, the enchantment and ironies and visual. Watermark [Joseph Brodsky] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. In this brief, intense, gem-like book, equal parts extended autobiographical . As much a brooding self-portrait as a lyric description of Venice, poet Brodsky’s quirky, impressionistic essay describes his year romance with a city of.

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But then again, that may explain why among Muslims there are so many astronomers.

Long before it succeeded, the silence would be restored. Starting inBrodsky flew to Venice for nearly every one of his year-end breaks from teaching literature at American colleges. Wars, revolutions, great discoveries, geniuses, plagues never entered here due to a legal problem.

And he poured out words as effortlessly as a fish swims. The passage grew closer, and her nervousness grew, too. It’s also the marble lace, inlays, capitals, cornices, reliefs, and moldings, inhabited and uninhabited niches, saints, ain’ts, maidens, angels, cherubs, caryatids, pediments, balconies with their ample kicked-up calves, and windows themselves, Gothic or Moorish, that turn you vain. For a moment I felt dizzy; but as I was no novelist, I skipped the option and took a doorway We ate mounds of pasta, wtermark down with red wine.

Then a bit later a girl whom I was courting at the time made me a birthday present of an accordion set of sepia postcards her grandmother had brought from a pre-revolutionary honeymoon in Venice, and I pored over it with my magnifying glass.

The City Nobel Laureate Joseph Brodsky Called Paradise | Travel | Smithsonian

I stared for a while at the furniture. I stood by the door leading into the next chamber, staring at a largish, three-by-four-foot gilded rectangle, and instead of myself I saw pitch-black nothing.

I wish to thank Geoff Wilt for drawing attention on this book to me. The globe, too, was lighter by two billion souls, and the bar at the [stazione] where I’d arrived on that cold December night was empty.


The City Nobel Laureate Joseph Brodsky Called Paradise

Seasons are metaphors for available continents, and winter is always somewhat antarctic, even here. Perhaps the best proof of the Watermafk existence is that we never know when we are to die. Causality was canceled, since its human carriers strolled in this perspective only in a caretaker capacity, once in a few years, brodskky that.

The pilgrim’s shoe, having tested the water, is drying atop his hotel room’s radiator; the native dives into his closet to fish out his pair of rubber boots. And the object can be a little monster, with the head of a lion and the body of a dolphin. Ah, the good old suggestive power of language!

Watermark: An Essay on Venice by Joseph Brodsky – review

Politicians and big businesses especially, for nothing has a greater future than money. Still, the long opening sequence with Mr. At some point I stopped registering what she was sayingwhich is easy for me, as English is not my mother tongueand just nodded in the pauses, or whenever she’d punctuate her monologue with a tic-like “[Capito]?

He is another of those wonders, like Nabokov, who writes beautifully in English regardless of its being a second language – and though parts of the essay eatermark more introspective and personal than I hoped or wanted, I connected with a good few of those.

So whenever I am caught in a heavy downpour inside my car on a street with a known history of going under, with this very real possibility of my car being turned into a submarine, stalling it, and destroying all its electrical parts beyond repair, I’d try to placate this irate force of nature by bargaining with it, praying and promising that if I and brldsky car would be spared, and we can get to safe grounds before the deluge, I will someday write lovingly of it too, like Brodsky, who saw the holy in the waters of Venice: T he eye in this city acquires an autonomy similar to that of a tear.

They all had delicate golden frames, with well-wrought floral garlands or idyllic scenes which called more attention to themselves than to their surface, since the amalgam was invariably in poor shape. Only their signs continue burning, finally getting a piece of the narcissistic action as the pavement briefly, superficially, catches up with the canals.


Five foot ten, fine-boned, long-legged, narrow-faced, with chestnut hair and hazel, almond-shaped eyes, vrodsky passable Russian on those wonderfully shaped lips and a blinding smile on the same, superbly dressed in paper-light suede and matching silks, redolent of mesmerizing, unknown to us, perfume, the sight was easily the most elegant female ever to set a mind-boggling foot in our midst. The winter light in this city!

Or else she didn’t grasp what Susan had said, though I doubt it. I had seen it for the first time several watermxrk before, in that same previous incarnation: Brdosky the eye identifies itself not with the body it belongs to but with the object of its attention. Even close up you could be confused, because the uniforms and general deportment of the crew aboard looked vaguely British. I often recall how in we waited for the dawn to make its entrance.

I think I’d never met a Fascistyoung or old; however, I’d dealt with a considerable number of old CP members, and that’s why tea at Olga Rudge’s place, with that bust of Ezra sitting on the floor, rang, so to speak, a bell. Who is this by? Most likely because this part of the Canal Grande was better lit. If the reader now suffers, that’s why. His comment did not involve sex, he said, before changing the subject. A paw, at any rate, is a better instrument for turning pages than a hoof.

Presumably because the element here had heard Italian. So I lifted my bags and stepped outside. Accordingly, two huge, splendidly carved aft-lanterns loomed in the two-story-high cave of the palazzo’s courtyard, which was filled with brodzky sorts of naval paraphernalia, dating from Renaissance days onward.