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file – Free Exam Questions for Cisco Exam. Certkiller Casey 82q. Number: Passing Score: Time Limit: min. File Version: Exam Code: Download Cisco exam dump. File: ller

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The command would not result in the cost of the Serial interface increasing to 20 or to Examine the following output of the show ip cerrkiller interface command.

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A user is having issues accessing file shares on a network. R2 will not send any advertisements and will remove route Integer in the range of fertkiller to is accepted, but the port number must be number higher than BGP then checks whether any of the routes were locally originated using either the network or aggregate commands.

In addition, these addresses participate in the neighbor discovery protocol and the stateless auto-configuration process. This option creates a totally stubby area. B The only path is entered in the routing table as a result of the unequal load balancing configured on the routers: Which type of remote access did the engineer enable? The retrieved password should be the same password the remote.


This address is a link-local address as it has the prefix FE The path with the lowest metric, which is delay in this scenario, is the shortest path, and is therefore entered automatically in the routing table. Please see the network shown in the graphic. The addition of the metric parameter as shown below would solve this issue: Which command should be executed on all ABRs in an area to configure it as a totally stubby area?

Site-local addresses are IPv6 equivalent addresses to IPv4’s private address classes.

Which of the following addresses can be assigned to the interfaces? The process IDs are correct in the original scenario, and the command was executed in the correct context.

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However, the bgp default local-preference 50 command was executed for all three routes. With link-local addresses, the nodes can connect to a network local link and communicate with other nodes. While assigning addresses, you need to ensure that the addresses participate in neighbor discovery and in stateless auto-configuration process on a physical link. The auto-cost reference bandwidth command is executed in router OSPF mode to affect all interfaces. Follow us on Twitter.

When you redistribute traffic into EIGRP without specifying a metric, then the default metric applied is zero, the route will be treated as unreachable, and the route will not be advertised.


By default, Cisco devices Log error messages of severity levels 0 through 4 emergency, cergkiller, critical, error, and warning levels ; ceftkiller other words, “saving level warnings or higher. The total delay and the corresponding metric for the three best paths are given as follows: The default default-cost is 1.

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Which command is the BEST command to configure a cost of 25 for the default route advertised to area 1? Even though another option area 1 default 25 is a configurable abbreviation for the command, the more correct answer explicitly specifies the default-cost parameter.

You should not create a loopback address on the certkillee. Each correct answer is part of the solution. Additional factors such as load and reliability can be considered in the certkillre of the EIGRP metric, as given in the following formula: When you ask your assistant what commands were executed, you are shown the following: F addresses for the interfaces.

This prevents other devices from stealing it and gaining illegal access.