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Mecha technology can be found in societies of PL 6 or higher. Giant robots are a staple of the superhero genre, from the minions of supervillains to superheroes in their own right, particularly piloted, robots and how to create. The Mecha SRD Extreme is a page landscape PDF that presents the Mecha SRD along with a 6-page appendix of new material and an appendix titled.

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d20 Resources – HTML reference documentation for d20 Open Content

Like constructs, mecha have their own ranks in StrengthAgilityDexterityFightingand Awareness. In Thunderball Rallythe player characters portray one of the crews in the largest, most lucrative, most illegal crosscountry road race in America. These conditions persist until the mecha undergoes maintenance to repair them see Repairing Damage. See Heavy Weapons for details and examples.

Don’t miss these posts. In this setting, evil monsters, usually from one or more parallel dimensions, roam free around the world. Similar to basic classes but with requirements to fulfill. This feat may be taken twice; the second time must be no less than 5 years game time after the feat is first taken.

As a default, mecha pilots use the Vehicles skill for checks involving operating and controlling mecha. By plunging their tentacles into a power source, these creatures can drain it completely. It is a world where monsters and magic exist, yet the human psyche just cannot fathom them and covers up all supernatural events.

Mecha suffer damage like characters but, like other constructs, do not recover from damage on their own unless they have Regeneration; they must be repaired otherwise. Within a matter of weeks these terrible, octopus-like invaders had seized hundreds of miles of territory.

This means mecha usually have 4 or more ranks of Permanent, Innate Growth, with the standard size modifiers applied to their traits. Each additional size rank doubles the number of passengers. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Mecha Operation – You know how to operate a mecha. One cold winter night, a meteor crashed to the Earth, Over the next few days dark, twisted creatures emerged from the crater.

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Note that crew and passengers completely enclosed in a mecha and not visible to attackers on the outside complete cover cannot be targeted by attacks, including perception ranged effects. The attacker makes the attack check in advance. Controlling a mecha in operation requires a move action each round, and may require a skill check.

d20 Mecha SRD

Mecha Jockey – Select this advanced class if you want your character to be an expert mecha Mecha Fling – You can pick up an opponent with your mecha and fling it.

The worlds of H. Mecha Piloting As a default, mecha pilots use the Vehicles skill for checks involving operating and controlling mecha.

They have no ranks in StaminaIntellector Presence by default. STAUs are quite capable of operating on their own, but are more often deployed in small squads, making them even more effective. The Feedback flaw may apply to some types of remote piloting, particularly if the GM wants to ensure that mecha pilots are not completely insulated from the effects of combat.

They cannot be flanked unless they are all flanked. Necha robots are a staple of the superhero genre, from the mechaa of supervillains to superheroes in their own right, particularly piloted, robots and how to create and use them.

Manticore Pl 7 – Necha Manticore is a flying quadrupedal assault mecha designed to take out Much of this work is based on Possessors: It adds more Cybernetics to accompany those found in d20 Futureas well as alternate forms of cybernetics, such as cybernetics in fantasy. In addition to basic classes, there are also advanced classes. Thunderball Rally was the second mini-game in a brief series of previews for d20 Modern that appeared in the early issues of the third and last edition mecga Polyhedron Magazinewhich was on the flipside of Dungeon Magazine.


Each basic class corresponds to one of the six ability scores in the d20 System.

In some settings, the GM may also rule that extra effort involving mecha imposes fatigue on the pilot, just like an ordinary use of extra effort by that character. Difficult to take down and can resist most sicknesses. Driving, Piloting, And Movement – Mecha operators use the Drive skill to operate their mecha on the ground Weapons Offensive effects serve for mecha-mounted weapons of all kinds, from high-caliber auto-cannons and missile batteries to blaster cannons and pulse lasers.

Bullet PointsFuture. For every round a tentacle remains in contact with an energy source the creature drains one day of power. Ranged Attacks And Attacks Of Opportunity – Mecha only provoke attacks of opportunity from creatures of their own size The setting allows one to play games that take place during the famous Pulp Era of literature, filled with ancient dinosaurspower-hungry gangstersvengeful vigilantesamazing superheroesevil Nazisbizarre inventionsmystical psionicshard-boiled detectivestrained martial artistscurious explorerseldritch aliensand various other fantastic people, places, and things.

Contents Advanced Mecha Operation – You have received advanced training or extensive practice in mecha movement. Having no Staminamecha are incapable of fatigue.

There are over 19 different occupations and each with its own restrictions, such as age. Feel free to modify and customize these mecha to suit your own games and to use them as archetypes and models for creating your own original mecha. Subscribe Replies to my comments All comments. In the Soul Mirrors series, humans use mecha to battle the Phyren, alien extradimensional energy beings.