December 23, 2018


developments follow guidelines defined by the ED/DOB document. This paper first reviews the activities traditionally performed in such developments. 27 Mar The best way to approach DOB is from the reverse of the document! Your But this is not a tutorial, right? The second most interesting. DO C tutorial is designed by TONEX to help you improve your overall DO- C is the modified and updated version of DOB/EDB (), which.

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In the same report, they also note that DOC seems well-poised to address this issue. Companies providing these kind of tools as Tjtorial are subject to audits from the certification authorities, to which they give complete access to source code, specifications and all certification artifacts. Sticking to levels C-E might be good advice.

A Simple Phrase

Hi, according to these crosstalk articles DO stands for Document Order. It does not reflect the official position of HCL. For small organizations, though, the software developers themselves often must implement DOB.

But if you want to master it, it will take some doing. Seemingly, the simplest method of certifying the product is to do it under an existing TSO. In this case, the practical consequence is often to pervert the spirit tutorlal DOB by expediently reducing its implementation to a question of deliverables.


From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. And we return to this Section again and again to settle intellectual arguments! You need to know how to read it.

DOB – Wikipedia

It plays an important role in defining guidelines for various aviation practices. Somtime back I ketp tutoriao hearing that Module testing would be elimated for Airborne software. The interface to the certification authority is ddo-178b handled by the quality assurance process. Subscribe to this blog’s feed. But this is not a tutorial, right? Although technically a guideline, it was a de facto standard for developing avionics software systems until it was replaced in by DOC.

In other words, before performing your software development as part of a project that involves getting an STC, you must have such an aircraft at your disposal. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Dp-178b and Privacy Policy. Documents maintained by the configuration turorial process:. It is the software safety analyses that drive the system safety assessments that determine the DAL that drives the appropriate level of rigor in DOB.

VDC Research notes that DOB has become “somewhat antiquated” in that it is not adapting well ddo-178b the needs and preferences of today’s engineers. The signoff is via FAA form And till now, we haven’t even scratched the surface.

Digg This Save to del. Once the DER has signed off, the product really is essentially “certified” for the holder of that form.


The best way to approach DOB is from the reverse of the document! Actually, there are a few non-DOB things you need to know before beginning software development. Do you think, DOB may get outdated in that case. Safety attributes in the design and as implemented as functionality must receive additional mandatory system safety tasks to drive and show objective evidence of meeting explicit safety requirements. This might involve negotiating a deal with a company that owns an aircraft of the necessary type and is eager to install your product on it.

Software criticality Levels see below are typically determined by means of an analysis called a System Safety Assessment.

The Tables also list the documents that will eventually do-18b the evidence of having met the objectives listed. This is what I have come to learn.

This figure beautifully brings out the concept of Requirements-Based Testing. Analysis of all code and traceability from tests and results to all requirements is typically required depending on software level.

As far as an STC is concerned, the certification not only relates to a specific type of aircraft, but must actually be performed on a specific aircraft of that type.