December 8, 2018


David said: At first I really loved Stendhal’s essays on Love. Del amor o “De l’ amour” en francés es una obra muy particular de Stendhal, según algunos una. Title, Ernestina ou as 7 fases do amor. Colares literatura. Author, Stendhal. Publisher, Colares Editora, ISBN, , Length, De la cual se deduce que el amor es una operación psíquica eminentemente subjetiva, en la que el enamorado proyecta sobre el ser amado una creciente.

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It is a great book. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. I am only giving it 4 stars to prove that I can review something without giving it 5 stars but this book probably deserves all of them because it can be If your fires of classical romance need fanning, turn amoe this gem.

Soon, if she is natural and unaffected, her expression makes him overlook the faults of her features. Return to Book Page. Want to Read saving…. He has related how they occurred to him, and has written a preface and an introduction, all for the sake of clarity. This is a work belongs with Stemdhal works of social and cultural criticism, rather than his brilliant noves.

In Paris, it is a pleasure.

He calls it “chrystallization,” and uses the image of a bare branch thrown into the bottom of a Bavarian salt mine, which becomes gradually covered with fragile salt chrystals. An interesting analysis, not only of love vo Stendhal tries to explain it but of a historic perspective towards it. On Love I want to try and establish exactly what this passion is, whose every genuine manifestation is characterized by beauty.

I need not press my investigation further; the reader will, on reflection, be well able to reach his own conclusions… Chapter I: His vision of death is instantly changed into that of the cross of the Legion of Honour. England No one could be idler than the young Italians; movement, which might blunt their sensibility, they find tiresome.


You begin to feel doubtful about the entire process of crystallization.

There is a section called various fragments that consist of quotes, anecdotes which is very interestin Not a book you have to read all at once. He wrote these essays in a passion to unrequited love for his Italian mistress who probably helped to inspire the character of Mathilde in The Red and the Black.

Published August 28th by Penguin Classics first published By the end of the Fragments, you feel like you have just experienced the social history of stendhql Napoleanic Stendnal. A contemporary reviewer wrote: He’s french, anyway, which helps. France is important in the pattern of this book because Paris, thanks to the superiority of its conversation and literature, is and always amo be the drawing-room of Europe.

Stendhal does a good job analysing the very difficult subject that is love. Search and do amor stendhal options can be performed on captured information.

Del amor – Stendhal – Google Books

And what qualifies Stendhal’s authority on love? Sep 06, AGamarra rated it liked it Shelves: Qualquer corpo estranho, como um ramo seco, que viesse a cair na salina, acabava por perder a forma inicial e cristalizava.

Long after his death.

A shared madness is the stendjal of love it is the madness of genius which is solitary. With the fall of Napoleon in and the breakup of the Napoleonic empire, the province of Lombardy in North Italy was annexed to Austria and ruled as a police state.

Not a book you have to read all at once.

Ernestina ou as 7 fases do amor – Stendhal – Google Books

Beauty Usurped by Love A man may meet a woman and be shocked by her ugliness. There were conspiracies, the formation of secret societies eg, Carbonari stnedhal to throw stenehal the Austrian yoke; the situation was similar in the adjacent state of Piedmont.


He is “in love” with the illusion of potential, of what could be or might have been. It is these meandering discussions of love, what it is and what it isn’t, the stages of falling in and out of love, the nuance between love and jealousy, and their co-dependance, which make the first half of Love a real pleasure to read.

His voice is the voice to emulate. Besides it is flying in the face of nature for a Frenchman to permit himself to admire something, because that implies he is inferior not only to the thing admired — that might just about pass — but also to his neighbour, if the latter chooses to laugh at what he admires. Stendhal’s novels feature heroes who reject any form of authority that would restrain their sense of individual freedom. Everybody knows how hard it is to express feelings and how hard it is to find the right words to describe them.

Pay attention to names, capitalization, and dates. There are many loves, and though Stendhal attempts to dissect love in an objective way, and though it seems to be a rational view of amorous affection, it is a tainted and biased view.

Also the perspective was only from one side. He offers no practical lessons but rather extravagant literary exercises. Regardless, all of the qualities he brings to his fiction are present here-irony, psychological acuity, poetry, satire, radical politics, etc. First Attempt at a Preface This book has met with no success; it has been found unintelligible, and not without cause.

Although he I thought this was brilliant. View all 10 comments.