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El vampiro y otros cuentos has 21 ratings and 6 reviews. Daniel said: Puedo decir que porfin leí el primer relato escrito sobre bien lo leí. This annotated edition and its accompanying audiobook version of John William Polidori’s novella The Vampyre. A. Tale () was produced by course. John William Polidori’s The Vampyre: a Tale, which is a prototype used in . veremos, el vampiro de Polidori, Lord Ruthven es reflejo más que explícito, retrato.

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This created a distance between the characters in this story and myself. While the story itself is intriguing, the way it is told is so boring. A reprint of this book, The diary of Dr.

Refresh and try again. Rather than use the crude, bestial vampire of folklore as a basis for his story, Polidori based his character on Byron. Retrieved 25 November This was, however, attributed by him to the greater importunity of the vicious, which generally prevails over the retiring bashfulness of the virtuous indigent.

Shelley for the first time. To see what your friends polidoti of this book, please sign up. Nov 08, Peter rated it really liked it Shelves: A number of films have depicted John Polidori and the genesis of the Frankenstein and “Vampyre” stories in I particularly enjoyed the first encounter of vampyre in Greece.

Byron wrote and quickly abandoned a fragment of a story, which Polidori used later as the basis for his own tale, The Vampyrethe first vampire story published in English. Opposed to him, popidori is another noble, the young Aubrey, initially naive and Since the first time I read Dracula, I have heard of this short gothic story as the first example of the modern figure of the vampire. My vampire has hair growing out of his palms and calls sweetly to the wolves at midnight.

Mary Shelley is no longer identified as the novel’s sole author.


El vampiro y otros cuentos by John William Polidori

Reprints of this book, The Diary of Dr. Published January 2nd by Echo Library first published April 1st But there’s enough to make me sad that Byron didn’t finish it himself. Back then, giving someone ve word was probably something highly valued and irreversible.

Rosa rated it liked it Oct 31, Lists with This Book. Oct 03, Annie rated it liked it Shelves: What’s most important is good, very good. One of the earliest vampire tales ever! Alejandra Vallez marked it as to-read Mar 17, My fascination rests with the creature of the undead, shrouded in darkness and legend, surrounded by hushed voices and hear-says I love vampires.

Much to both his and Byron’s chagrin, “The Vampyre” was released as a new work by Byron. It’s a bampiro story with one of the most memorable fictional vampires in literature, and if Polidori had been a slightly better writer, it would still be remembered as fondly as Dracula.

The Vampyre

Polidori has earned his place in the vampire fiction canon. Polidori entered Lord Byron’s service as his personal physician, and accompanied Byron on a trip through Europe. Paperbackpages. The writing is excellent, the tension remains high throughout and the ending is very tasty. A young English gentleman of means, Aubrey is immediately intrigued by Lord Ruthven, the mysterious newcomer among ek elite. While reading it I sensed that this story had influence on Bram Stoker.

Mar 07, Werner rated it it was ok Shelves: Most conversations are recorded in narrative, in very long and tedious paragraphs.

El vampiro y otros cuentos

The central conflict in the story proves to be internal for the hero: The story is thrilling and Aubrey’s anxiety and fear are felt by the reader. There is nothing sparkly, sappy or EMOtistic about this tale.

Boring for readers of gothic fiction, unknown and rightly so for the general reader, it’s a footnote poljdori the vampire myth and nothing more. And also for its commentary of Lord Byron, a man whose antics pretty much created its own character archetype in literature, the Byronic hero. Initially, he enjoys the friendship, but the true nature of the creature begins to reveal itself.


Dec 31, Jess rated it it was ok Shelves: But Aubrey could not avoid remarking, that it was not upon the virtuous, reduced to indigence by the misfortunes attendant even upon virtue, that he bestowed his alms; — these were sent from the ce with hardly suppressed sneers; but when the profligate came to ask something, not to relieve his wants, but to allow him to wallow in his lust, to sink him still deeper in his iniquity, he was sent away with rich charity.

Miguel rated it it was amazing Sep 22, But I can’t ignore its importance in initiating the horror genre we know today. The plot itself, though a little slow to start, ramps up fairly quickly and ends brilliantly. I felt nothing for Lord Ruthven, just as I felt nothing for Aubrey. Just before he dies, Aubrey writes a letter to his sister revealing Ruthven’s history, but it does not arrive in time.

The Vampyre – Wikipedia

In the Anno Dracula universe he becomes a prominent figure in British politics following the ascent of Dracula to power. They decided to write a horror-story.

Really a glorified short story, with a thin, melodramatic plot and sketchy characterizations, this novella succeeded as well as it did polidoei of the novelty of its theme and the rumor that Byron actually wrote it. A reprint of this book, The diary dr Dr. However, the term “romantic” is properly applied here. La pluma del autor fluye bastante bien, el relato emociona y sorprende.