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PDF | The technique for endobutton femoral fixation of double semitendinosus/ double gracilis hamstring anterior cruciate ligament (ACL). Find out all of the information about the Smith & Nephew product: ACL reconstruction suture button ENDOBUTTON. Contact a supplier or the parent company. ACL reconstruction performed using a transtibial tunnel technique often .. to be inserted into the ACL femoral socket when using a 15 mm ENDOBUTTON CL.

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Assessment of the hamstring endobuton femoral fixation using the EndoButton CL. Tibial attachment area of the anterior cruciate ligament in the extended knee position.

To avoid damage to the articular cartilage from the endoscopic reamer, the drill hechnique end of the femoral guide pin is reversed until the tip of the guide pin is visible in the intercondylar notch. Therefore, the testing was conducted in a worst condition scenario. In a clinical trial study, a total of 40 patients with rupture of ACL were selected and randomly divided into two groups.

Tehcnique author disclosure forms: How to avoid the risk of intraoperative cartilage damage in anatomic four tunnel double bundle anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction. The t student test was used to compare the ultimate failure load, the displacement at ultimate failure techniwue, the yield load, the displacement at yield load, and energy between the two graft fixation techniques during the single-cycle loading test.

ACL Technique: Endoscopic Hamstring Graft with Endobutton

With attention to detail, all of these potential issues and challenges can be overcome. Caution is need when removing the soft tissue over the lateral aspect of the femoral cortex. Prior to surgery and then at least 2 years after surgery, the patients were under physical examination in terms of knee range of motion, knee stability, knee pain, ability to perform daily activities and exercises and compared between the two groups.


A new anatomical ACL femoral tunnel was drilled through an AAM portal bypassing the original non-anatomical femoral tunnel. The button is supported by the external cortical portion of the bone Endotape links the graft to the not supported central part of the metallic button. Both are able to support the immediate post-operative loading applied N.

The guide pin will skive off the pilot hole if power is initially used. The Journal of Arthroscopic Related Surgery. The laxity at cyclic test was lower, and the linear stiffness was higher techique those for EndoButton. An unidentified pitfall of Endobutton use: EndoButton is an extra-articular device made of metallic button and a polyurethane ribbon Endotape.

This technique may assist surgeons in understanding how to deal with and potentially avoid EndoButton migration during anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction.

Potential pitfall of the EndoButton.

The aim of the paper is to describe the medial portal technique for anatomical single-bundle anterior cruciate ligament ACL reconstruction. If required, the wallplasty should be performed after the ACL femoral tunnel has been drilled to avoid lateralising the position of the ACL femoral tunnel.

Find articles by Angela Chang. Am J Sports Med ; The concept of complete footprint restoration with guidelines for single- and double-bundle ACL reconstruction. Biomechanical studies have demonstrated that a single-bundle ACL graft positioned at the centre of the ACL femoral and tibial attachment sites best controls anterior tibial translation and the combined motions of anterior tibial translation and internal tibial rotation simulated pivot-shift test and restores kinematics more closely to those of the normal knee compared to other anatomical ACL graft placements [ 3 — 6 ].


Biomechanical analysis of human ligament grafts used in knee-ligament repairs and reconstructions. To prevent guide pin breakage, ensure that the drill tip portion of the guide pin is fully inserted into the bone before using power to drill the pin through the bone.

ACL Technique: Endoscopic Hamstring Graft with Endobutton

Draw two lines perpendicular to that line, one at the intersection of the tangent line with the shallow border of the lateral femoral condyle and the other with intersection of the tangent line and the deep border of the lateral femoral condyle. If the fat pad still obscures visualisation, limited resection of the fat pad should be performed using a motorised shaver blade endbutton through the AAM.

Received Mar 31; Accepted Jul A true lateral radiograph is one in which the inferior and rechnique margins of the medial and lateral femoral condyles overlap Fig.

Although they suggested that an endovutton angle of knee flexion teechnique more likely to result in soft-tissue interposition before flipping, they did not describe any complications resulting from the failure of flipping.

Pediatric anterior cruciate ligament femoral fixation: The arrowhead indicates the Vulcan probe. Prevalence of nonanatomical graft placement in a series of failed anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction. As will be discussed later, viewing through the AM portal is the preferred method to visualise the ACL femoral attachment site.