June 18, 2019


Editorial Reviews. About the Author. Jana Oliver’s imagination has always had the upper hand Forsaken (The Demon Trappers series) by [Oliver, Jana]. Riley Blackthorne. Kicking hell’s ass one demon at a time Riley has always wanted to be a Demon Trapper like her father, and she’s already following in hi. Riley Blackthorne: kicking Hell’s ass one demon at a time in the first two books in this dark and sexy series In Forsaken: Riley has always wanted to be a De.

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The narration switches smoothly back and forth between Riley and Beck. Why does the universe hate me? Es gibt ja ein mal das auf dem Bild und dann noch ein anderes, rotes hierdas zu den anderen Covern passt. Was auch immer man tut, der erste Band passt nicht zu den Fortsetzungen, entweder wegen dem Cover oder wegen dem Format. She isn’t perfect though. Jana Oliver is an international and Amazon bestselling author who lives in Atlanta, Georgia.

I also heard that the romance included a love-triangle.

The little ninja ones, at least. But, being the first female Demon Trapper is hard. Well rounded and realistic Also, there’s a lot of unanswered questions after this book. The changing perspectives keep the story interesting and full of action, but also give you the chance to be in 2 places at once. Also, i loved the demons! It sounds interesting, but setting those “fate of the world” arcs can blow up in your face unless is handled with extreme care.

The parts I really liked were the creepy action parts. Welcome to Atlanta, year Testing her position as a trapper trapper the Guild and testing her ability to handle pain and sadness surrounding friends and family.

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I mean, she’s a demon trapper! I really want to read this book: It definitely didn’t meet my expectations but I really believe that this is a book that other readers will love. So I hope, and think, she’ll be more kick-ass in the next one.

I’ve gotten a taste foreaken Nightshade, Stork, Wither, Iron Thorn – with many still on the too read list – I can’t say this new series by Jana Oliver is the best of the year.

More like a 4. And then it ended kinda down.

The Demon Trappers Series by Jana Oliver

Sometimes, it’s better that way. Fun, entertaining and captivating. Cudos for originality as well. The setting is really cool! Schools are in forsakej supermarkets or abandoned Starbucks, people ride horses because they don’t have enough money for a car, and there is a whole district with holes in the ground big enough to hole demons down there. All the tears trappdrs shed BUT, I don’t believe that’s where her heart is I will read the next one in the series.

Don’t be fooled though, the lower grade demons can still do a lot of damage and the five’s are downright scary. The “person” Yhe liked best about the book so far was that tiny, bling-addicted Klepto Demon in ninja garb, who miraculously returned to Riley’s apartment after Riley caught him and Beck sold him for her. Despite my reservations, this book seems to be a big hit among the teen crowd, if the reviews on Amazon are any guide, but I suspect that most adult readers looking for a nice paranormal diversion would probably be better served forsakfn avoiding this one.

His actions show that he has a softer side beneath his tough guy exterior. You can read more book reviews or buy The Demon Trappers: For the moment, I’m in. But that aside, she really is a emotionally weak. I did find myself swooning a bit over him too! She just picks herself up, dusts herself off and keeps on moving when even the strongest of men might cave.


The Demon Trappers Series

Whatever, it bothered me when I was reading it. I also really liked the premise behind this book, good verses evil and trappers who hunt the demons. Ori–hmmm, I think I have a sneaky suspicion of what he truly is, but I won’t spoil it here.

You don’t have to wait a year for the next one. Forsaken 2 4 Jul 04, The first half of the book reads too much like bad paranormal YA.

Why don’t the trappers know more about what happens with the demons after they are sold? I loved every word Everything is extraordinarily expensive and school is held in old coffee shops and grocery stores.

Riley has always wanted to be a Demo… More.

Valiant Light

I’m sure the character had something to do with at least one of the mysteries that needed to be solved, but his forsaksn was too abrupt, too convenient and totally off-putting. Because Riley is seventeen the story is littered with the requisite teenage dramas of boyfriends and bullies and that would be fine if it were balanced well within the story; but it’s not.

Appart from those few and small details, the book was good enough. Problem is; she’s a girl. How cool was that?!