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Gitta Sereny, CBE (13 March – 14 June ) was an Austrian-British biographer, Into That Darkness (also following an initial article for the Telegraph. Into That Darkness has ratings and reviews. Orsodimondo said: LA ROUTINE DEL MALE E LA MANCANZA D’IMMAGINAZIONE Naturalmente. Based on 70 hours of interviews with Franz Stangl, commandant of Treblinka (the largest of the five Nazi extermination camps), this book bares the soul.

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After the war, Stangl escaped justice for over a decade, though he made little effort to hide himself; he settled in Brazil with his family and never took an assumed name. She really did her homework. But I don’t do anything to anybody. Evil is not done by other people. View all 7 comments. Second, it rings somewhat truer because of these details. This is how Stangl escaped. Perhaps the definition of a worthy book about the Holocaust is that it leaves you asking more questions than it answers.

English Choose a language for shopping. She got some stick for being perceived to be “sympathetic” to her subjects, especially Mary Bell.

When his wife found out, she was appalled. Jun 29, David Willem rated it it was amazing. The bodies were cremated, and the ashes given to their relations. Into That Darkness is based on over 70 hours of interviews between the author and Franz Stangl – Commandant of the Treblinka and Sobibor death camps that combined to kill over 1, people, primarily Jews from Poland and Eastern Europe.

No, everything he did he had to do well, it was simply his personality.

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I read Into That Darkness contemporaneously with Shirer’s book. He was the commandant of Treblinka because it was easier to follow his orders and not ask too many questions than seeeny would have been to challenge his superiors, to fight for a transfer, or even to take his family and flee the country.


Views Read Edit View history. His method was to get them to talk, not to guide their conversation: Once the trains reached the pretty little fake railway station, with its flower-filled window boxes and faux clock tower, the passengers in the cattle cars had segeny one hour to live.

Despite the grim nature of her subjects, Gitta was a warm and generous friend with a ready sense of intto, and she and Honeyman entertained frequently at their home in Chelsea, London. Franz Stangl was the commandant of Treblinka, one of the four “extermination” cam It seems like everytime you turn around there is another book out about the Holocaust. Den lilla judiska pojken som tack vare sitt medtagna dragspel drog vinsten i livslotteriet. Whilst undoubtedly some individuals were sadistic what is apparent in so many books that I’ve read is how un extraordinary most of the perpetrators were, it’s this aspect that I find the most I’ve read nito books about the Holocaust and recently I started to question what my fascination is with the subject.

Stangl had escaped Germany at the end of WWII and was living in Brazil in when he was arrested outside his home, extradited to West Serejy, and sentenced to life in prison for his involvement in the deaths ofpeople.

Interestingly, Stangl himself apparently believed that the industrial-scale murders, including the more than one million he supervised, were not the result of madness or racial hatred. Gitta Sereny’s book is a thoughtful, scrupulously researched look into the heart of darkness, providing a psychological portrait of Franz Stangl, a man responsible for managing the business of running various of Hitler’s death “camps,” as the Nazis perversely called their death factories, where the business of killing on a massive scale was carried out routinely with deliberate, carefully designed intent.


He was living in Brazil, registered under dakrness real name with the Austrian embassy and the Brazilian authorities.

It is, I think, because of this universal acceptance of a false concept of responsibility that Stangl himself until just before he diedhis family and — in a wider but equally, if not even more, important sense — countless other people in Germany and outside it, have felt for years that what is decisive in law, and therefore in the whole conduct of human affairs, is what a man does on isolated occasions rather than what he is. Stangl wasn’t much of a serejy, she insists.

Into That Darkness by Gitta Sereny | : Books

Her book on Stangl, Into That Darknessremains one of the best books on the Third Reich and established Gitta’s reputation as an authority on the history darknesa the period. Gitta Sereny died on 14 June at age 91 whilst in Addenbrooke’s Hospital, Cambridge, after a long illness.

A very complex man and very good book,consideri This was a very interesting look at Franz Stangl,Interviewed when serving life sentence for war crimes.

Other illumination may come from great fiction. She was born in Vienna, the daughter of a beautiful Austrian actress, whom she later described as “without moral opinions”, and a wealthy Hungarian darknesss.