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GOODBYE TSUGUMI. Banana Yoshimoto, Author, Michael Emmerich, Translator , trans. from the Japanese by Michael Emmerich. Grove $23 (p) ISBN. Banana Yoshimoto’s novels of young life in Japan have made her an international sensation. Goodbye Tsugumi is an offbeat story of a deep and complicated. Editorial Reviews. From Publishers Weekly. Yoshimoto favors short novels that gradually reveal thin, almost translucent layers of her characters’ personalities.

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Maria Shirakawa is a thoughtful young woman thrown by family circumstance her parents never married; with her mother, she is waiting for her father’s divorce from his current wife into growing up with her cousin, Tsugumi Yamamoto, in her aunt and uncle’s small inn. In the end, she knows it is not about bidding farewell to a time in memory or a place or a way of life but having the courage to accept the truth of its centrality in one’s life, knowing full well that forever is a beautiful lie and goodbye waits just around the corner.

More annoying lines–She doesn’t want this night to end, she doesn’t want that night to end; the ocean is so beautiful she could just die, the sky is so gorgeous, blah, blah, blah.

Tsugumi and Maria are also very close, and the tsuguim — from the town she grew up in, and the people she grew up with — is difficult for Maria. Banana Yoshimoto is the 3rd or 4th Japanese author I have read, and I’m noticing a trend. De esos cotidianos que no tienen importancia pero que tienen mucho valor. Even though a lot of reviewers say nothing godbye happens, I think the philosophy and the ideas behind dealing with growing up, loss, death, change, are far more meaningful and moving than a plot with lots of twists.

The story is simple, yet calming, and the characters are enough to hold the story on their own. Just because nothing “happens” in a book doesn’t make it a bad book! I think it’s one of these novels that either tsugum y I love this boodbye – ever since I picked it up, years ago, it’s been tshgumi go-to, feel-good novel. Books by Banana Yoshimoto. Word choice should be not too modern nor too ancient such that it is timeless and not transient. True to her style, it’s also a story about goodbyes, one which doesn’t feel heavy at all though.

She has grown up at the seaside alongside her cousin Tsugumi, a lifelong invalid, charismatic, spoiled and occasionally cruel. See 1 question about Goodbye Tsugumiā€¦. Most of the novel then takes place in the summer, when Maria returns to the inn for one last summer: In my case, it’s the soft words and wonderful characters that stay with me with every rereading.


Goodbye Tsugumi – Yoshimoto Banana

Now Maria’s father is finally able to bring Maria and her mother to Tokyo, ushering Maria into a world of university, impending adulthood, and a ‘normal’ family. Nostalgia is pervasive here, but in how Yoshimoto lets her characters explore how to adjust to it the story avoids becoming mere adolescent wallow; still, this is very much a young-adult novel, full of teen pining and reflection, and both Maria and Tsugumi seem and act considerably younger than their age. Vague silhouettes flickering somewhere in the horizon coming into sharper focus with the shifting of light and the shortening of distance, and metamorphosing into the very people we are accustomed to admire and despise by turns.

Even though I find myself grappling with a deep reluctance to disassemble Banana Yoshimoto’s works to the sum of their parts knowing all too well that even the effort seems like an insult to her talent, I gain a kind of quiet confidence from the understated brilliance of her words to string together words of my own and attempt to trace the contours of that elusive, ephemeral happiness that she limns with consummate artistry.

However insolent and depressing Tsugumi might sound, her ardor and spirit leaps out and makes itself felt. I read the book in one sitting and was so impressed with it that I then opened a bottle of Champagne and had a glass.

It’s not fancy litterature – I wouldn’t use it as a teaching tool, or even as an exemple of a ‘good’ book. There is a serious disconnect between the Tsugumi Maria talks about and the Tsugumi Yoshimoto is showing us.

Goodbye Tsugumi – Wikipedia

She immortalizes image after image of her last moments in this sacred place that the essence of it is reflected by my realization that I have stopped breathing for a few seconds. Quando pensavo che prima o poi ce ne saremmo dovute andare, tutte quelle scene, ormai familiari, quelle piccole cose di tutti i giorni, puntavano dritte al mio cuore avvolte da una luce sfocata.

Leer a Yoshimoto es un placer. Perhaps it was the translation, but her pers This was a slow but pleasant read, with a few meaningful moments dotted along the way.

The story itself was enjoyable and interesting enough to keep me turning the pages, but it just seemed to fall a little flat towards the end.

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You may have noticed the presence of a new page on my blog: Together they make for such a breathtaking sight. She is doted on by her parents and sister, who she is constantly tsuguji to. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.


When they choose they can be very charming, but if you get in the way or break one of their inner rules for life you deserve to die, as illustrated by the incident of the dog in the night time. She writes her name in hiragana.

Goodbye, Tsugumi

This was a slow but pleasant read, with txugumi few meaningful moments dotted along the way. I might recommend this book to young teenagers but as adult reading it really didn’t do it for me.

Moments which blend resentment and gratitude, restlessness and satisfaction, love and anger in equal measure. I’m glad I own this one because I gpodbye definitely want to read this again. Tsugumi is her cousin, whom treats everyone around her poorly; predictably those closest to her worst of all. I mean, I get it. But just then, as the lucid rush of the rain went on closing over the town, little by little, I felt utterly convinced that something about the two of them was right.

Maybe, despite appearances, everything will be all right. Information Group Read September I usually like Yoshimoto Banana’s stories, but Tsugumi and Maria didn’t offer any interesting angles or stories for me.

Moments which are akin to the blurred landscape on the other side of the frosted glass window on a misty, rain-drenched morning.

First of all, I dislike Yoshimoto’s general writing style. Retrieved from ” https: Similarly the illustrative quotes chosen here are merely those the complete review subjectively believes represent the tenor and judgment of the review as a whole.

I was ready to dispose of the book after two pages and throw it into the Saison river but no, I decided to persevere with it as I loved “Kitchen” and would you believe it but I was soon well and truly enchanted with the story.

There is the most remarkable letter written at the end of the book that nearly brought me to tears I must confess. Goodbye Tsugumi – India. Tsugumi is a frail young woman, born with many ailments and not expected to live a long or healthy life.

I expected Tsugumi to die at any moment throughout the book, and she never did die!