November 19, 2018


A:The diagnosis of an umbilical hernia, supraumbilical hernia, or of almost any other abdominal wall ventral hernia is “clinical”, which means that it does not. Also para-umbilical, supra-umbilical and epigastric hernias) These hernias can all be called primary midline abdominal hernias. Umbilical (navel) hernias occur . A ventral hernia is a hernia involving the anterior abdominal wall. We therefore wish to report a case of giant primary supra-umbilical hernia coexisting with a.

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Not to be confused with Diastasis recti. This opening allows the umbilical cord to pass through. Views Read Edit View history.

Umbilical hernia – Wikipedia

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The opening normally closes just after birth. However, because the risk of complications with age are higher and the hernia is unlikely to resolve without treatment, surgery is usually recommended. Treatment for cosmetic purposes is not necessary, unless there are health concerns such as pain, discomfort or incarceration of the hernia content.

An umbilical hernia occurs when part of your intestine sticks out through the opening in your abdominal muscles through which your umbilical cord passed before you were born.

Management of asymptomatic umbilical hernias: Bronchiectasis causes symptoms like chronic coughing, coughing up supraumbiilical, wheezing, and shortness of breath. Glue ear, also called adhesive otitis, is a problem in the middle ear that can happen to both kids and adults. Retrieved March 3, Some people may feel the bulge in their abdomen and push the organs back inside. Giant hernias are more liable to complications and poorly controlled by external support.


What makes a supraumbilicwl good and what makes it bad?

All references are available in the References tab. However, several possibilities may be postulated and entertained to this regards.

Uernia swelling was soft with no area of tenderness; no spontaneous reduction on lying supine and on manual reduction. References Palazzi DL, et al. This reduces the blood supply to the section of trapped intestine and can lead to umbilical pain and tissue damage.

Case Presentation A 30 year-old female was admitted in the surgical ward with a three year history of progressive, painless abdominal swelling above the umbilicus. Patient did well postoperatively and was discharged after 10 days. In adults, hernias are much more common in females. Treatment is surgical, and surgery may be performed for cosmetic as well as health-related reasons.

Giant hernias are, pre-operatively, more liable to complications and poorly controlled by external support.

Shawki S, Wexner SD. If left untreated, they continue to grow slowly until they are able to cause serious complications. Care of the umbilicus and management of umbilical disorders. Redefinition of ‘Normal’ and Reevaluation of Indications for Repair”. Navels with the umbilical tip protruding past the umbilical skin “outies” are often mistaken for umbilical hernias, which are a completely different shape.


A ventral hernia is a bulge of tissues through an opening of weakness within your abdominal wall muscles. What is an umbilical hernia?

Umbilical (navel) Hernias ~ & Other Midline Hernias

Bronchiectasis Bronchiectasis causes symptoms like chronic coughing, coughing up blood, wheezing, and shortness of breath.

The giant lipomatous mass Figure 6 was, however, sent for histology which revealed normal adipocytes. Researchers have identified a new cellular target that may, in the future, allow them to prevent the harmful effects of inflammation after brain injury.

Presuming that ventral hernia, which was just repaired, was infra-umbilical, meaning below the umbilicus: This is called reducing the hernia.

Umbilical (navel) Hernias ~ & Other Midline Hernias | The British Hernia Centre

Further exploration revealed a giant mass of fatty tissue attached to herniated bowel Jejunum and omentum Figure 3 bowel, including pre-peritoneal fat was found to be viable and thus was manually reduced.

The swelling was soft with no area of tenderness; however, it was difficult to reduce. The defect in the muscles is defined and the edges of the muscles are brought together with sutures to close the defect.

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