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The Surah should be read with this historical background in inha in order to fully understand it. During his entire period of apostleship on no occasion had it ever happened that he should command his Companions to do a thing and they should not hasten to comply with it. This conversation with the laggards about which advance instructions are being given to the Holy Prophet was to take place at the time of the expedition to Khaiber, and this whole Surah, including vv.

And if we return the one who flees to us from them, Allah will create some other way out for him. Furthermore, the question that was causing them feel upset was that they had accepted the condition of going back without performing the pilgrimage to the Ka’bah, whereas the Holy Prophet had seen in the vision that they were performing tawaf at Makkah.

Then in the initial sentences also of this verse itself the characteristics mentioned arc of all those people who were with the Holy Prophet Muhammad upon whom be Allah’s peace and blessings. The purpose of the Holy Prophet’s appointment as fatahnx Prophet was not merely to preach inba Religion but to make it prevail over all others.

If at the time of every such fatauna he adopts the fatzhna of sacrifice, his Faith progresses and develops, and if he turns away his Faith decays and deteriorates till a time may also come when the initial state of the Faith with which he had entered Islam is even endangered to be lost and destroyed. As for themselves they think that they did a wise thing by not going on the dangerous journey; had they any desire for Allah and His forgiveness, they would not have stayed behind at home. Tabaqat Ibn Sa’d, vol.

The disbelieving Quraish looked at it as their victory, and the Muslims were upset as to why they should be humiliated to accepting those mean conditions. No one understood faatahna expedience because of which the Holy Prophet was accepting the conditions.

Just three months after Hudaibiyah, Khaiber, the major stronghold of the Jews, was conquered and after it the Jewish fatwhna of Fadak, Wad-il Qura, Taima and Tabuk also fell inja Islam one after the other. He told him that when they had gone for ‘Umrah al-Qada the following year, they had forgotten the Tree, and they could not locate it even after looking for it.

The Quran: Sūra XLVIII.: Fat-ḥ or Victory.: Section 1 ()

Those who say that at that time when Allah honored them with this certificate of His good pleasure, they were sincere, but afterwards they became disloyal to Allah and His Messenger, perhaps harbor a mistrust about Allah that while sending down this verse He was unaware of their future; therefore, He awarded them this warrant only in view of their state at that time, and probably due to the same unawareness inscribed this verse in His Holy Book as well so that afterwards also, when those people have turned disloyal, the world should continue reading this verse about them and praising the knowledge of the unseen of that Allah Who, God forbid, had granted these faithless and disloyal people the warrant of His good pleasure.


Thus, it was all because of Allah’s bounty that on all these critical moments the Muslims were blessed with full peace of mind with regard to the leadership and guidance of the Holy Prophet, the truth of Islam and the truthfulness of their mission. Thus, 1, of the Companions became ready to follow him on this highly dangerous journey. Their unity of aim and object has produced in them love and harmony and complete accord among themselves. They would attack any Quraish caravan that passed the way and cut it into pieces at last, the Quraish themselves begged the Holy Prophet to call those men to Madinah, and the condition relating to the return of the fugitives of itself became null and void.

It is just like saying about something that it is well-known in the east and the west when one actually means to say that it is well-known everywhere in the world. Therefore, it was not merely a dream but a Divine inspiration which the Holy Prophet had to obey and follow. What Allah means to say is: Have you forgotten the day when the enemy had descended on us from every side in the Battle of the Trench and the hearts were coming up to the throats?

English – Transliteration – Surah Al-Fath ( The Victory ) | القرآن الكريم للجميع

The Holy Prophet admitted his argument and Abu Jandal was returned to his oppressors. Above all, if at the time when the Holy Prophet was going to conclude the treaty on the conditions which were un-acceptable to the entire party of the Muslims, the Muslims had happened to disobey him, the great victory of Hudaibiyah would fatayna turned into a humiliating defeat.

Fatahnz only did he return but under Suhail bin ‘Amr from the Quraish also arrived a deputation to negotiate peace with the Holy Prophet.

Here, the theme has been repeated to say that in order to punish the one whom Allah wills to punish He can employ whichever of His countless hosts He likes for the purpose; no one has the power to avert His punishment by his own plans. It was all due to this treaty that two years later when in consequence of the Quraish’s violating the treaty the Holy Fatahnaa invaded Makkah, he was accompanied by an army 10, strong, whereas on the occasion of Hudaibiyah only 1, men had joined him in the march.

In this way alone does a door to the enhancement of their ranks and successes in the Hereafter open as is ibna indicated in the following verse’.

In this regard, it should also be known that the children should not join Jihad without the permission of their parents if they are Muslims, but if they are non-Muslims it is not permissible for a person to stay away from Jihad in case they refuse permission.


According to some traditions it was a pledge unto death, and according to others it was an undertaking that they would not nut away from the battlefield. fatahba

English – Transliteration

It is He Who restrained their hands from you and your hands from them in the valley of Makkah, whereas He had granted you victory over them, and Allah saw what you were doing. At that time everyone could see that after the truce with the Quraish not only Khaiber but the Jewish settlements of Taima, Fadak, Wadi-al-Qura’ and others also of northern Arabia would not be able to withstand the might of the Muslims and would easily fall to the Islamic State.

The last portion of this sermon is also found in Matthew, Had that factor not been there and Allah had allowed the war to take place, the disbelievers would surely have been routed and Makkah would have fallen to you at that very time. This diminished the hatred in the Arabs hearts that had been caused by the propaganda made by the Quraish against Islam.

For the earth bringeth forth fruit of herself; first the blade, then the ear, after that the full corn in the ear. Allah has granted you the upper hand over them.

If your actions deserve the punishment and I pray for your forgiveness, my this prayer will not save you from Allah’s punishment; and if your actions do not deserve the punishment, and I do not pray for your forgiveness, my failure to pray will not do any harm to you. And should sleep, and rise night and day, and the seed should spring and grow up, he knoweth not how.

Someone pointed to one tree and another one to another tree. This was their arrogance.

This is called Bai ‘at Ridwan. However, there is no harm if the blind and the lame and the sick person does not come forth for Jihad. Every Arab tribe would have the option farahna join either side as its ally and enter the treaty.

To this the Holy Prophet replied: This would not only have grieved the Muslims but the Arab polytheists also would have got an opportunity to say that the Muslims did not even spare their own brethren in faith during wartime. But that verse, in fact, does not apply to this, for it was sent down fatqhna connection with the Battle of Tabuk, and its period of revelation is three years after the period of revelation of Surah AI-Fat-h.

Here the words insha’-Allah have not been used in the sense that if Allah does innw will, He will not fulfill His promise, but in fact these relate to the background in which this promise was made.