July 18, 2019


Modifications in the updated Indian Public Health Standard (IPHS) for Community Health Centre (CHC) document. (Major changes have been highlighted in. The IPHS is based on its recommendation. 4. Who will it be applicable to? At present these standards are being applied only to the Community Health Centres . Family Welfare and National Health Programmes – Role of CHCs.. 7 The Community Health Centre (CHC), the third tier of the network of rural health care.

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Indian public health standards (IPHS) for community health centres.

Hence, standards are being introduced in order to improve the quality of public health level. Gloves should be cut and put in bleach for fo least one hour and then disposed as normal waste. In addition, all the drugs required for the National Health Programmes and emergency management should be available in adequate quantities. In other words, formulate appropriate guidelines for providing some functional and financial autonomy e.

Care of routine and emergency cases in Surgery: Indian public health standards in primary health centers and community health centers in Shimla District iph Himachal Pradesh: Enough space between beds. Prehosp Disaster Ofr ; Blood smear examination malarial. Services to be Provided in a Sub-Centre: The 6th Five year Plan proposed reorganization of PHCs on the basis of one PHC for every 30, rural populations in the plains and one PHC for every 20, population in hilly, tribal and desert areas for more effective coverage.


Potable water for patients and staff and water for other use should be in adequate quantity. Equipment vhc Anaesthesia Kit-N: Availability of services and facilities at primary health centers in Gujarat.

Indian Public Health Standards – Governnment of India

Existing facility district hospital, sub-divisional hospital, community health centre etc. Detection of faecal contamination of water and chlorination level.

The district hospitals cater to the people living in urban district headquarters town and adjoining areas and the rural people in the district. Bed strength — 30 Objective of the Institutions. cyc

Political advocacy is needed to ensure sufficient health manpower availability to deliver quality healthcare. CHC is a bedded hospital providing specialist care in medicine, Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Surgery and Paediatrics.

Indian public health standards (IPHS) for community health centres.

Eye Specialist services at one for every 5 CHCs. Transport Facilities PowerPoint Presentation: The Indian Public Health Standards IPHS for health Sub-centre lays down the package of services that the Sub-centre shall provide, the population norms for which it would be established, the human resource, infrastructure, equipment and supplies that would be needed to deliver these services with quality.


Normal Delivery Kit Kit-J: Blood storage facility; hour water supply; Arrangements for waste disposal; Regular electricity supply with back-up arrangements – to the operation theatre and labour room, cold chain and blood storage fpr Telephone connection; Ambulance owned or arranged through local hiring.

Training of all cadres of worker at periodic intervals is an essential component.

What is the need for IPHS?: Infrastructure The PHC should have a building of its own. MO designated for this purpose will be responsible for overall working of the storage center.

Quality Assurance and Accountability: Return Unused blood bags to the mother center at least 10 days before the expiry of the blood and fresh blood obtained in its place. The health planners in India have visualized primary health centers PHCs and community health centers CHCs as the key healthcare delivery institutions in rural areas.

You do not have the permission to view this presentation. Maintain sterility of blood by keeping all storage areas clean.

To facilitate monitoring and supervision of these facilities. Equipment for Neo-natal Resuscitation Kit-O: