December 4, 2018


ISD Overview; Resources; Where to buy. The Nuvoton ISD ChipCorder Series is a high quality, fully integrated, single-chip multi-message voice. This project uses the SPI (3-wire bus) and a PICAXE 20X2 microcontroller to control the sequential playing of messages recorded on an ISD voice. Description. ISD voice module is designed for users who can quickly understand and use the ISD series family chips. It applies to all ISD series.

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Until the minimum voice, continue to click this button, each pressing, the voice increase 4dB Note: Playback pointer is jumping to the erase before the second or last second paragraph.

ISD VOICE RECORDING MODULE Sensor Embedded!, Source for sensors

ISD voice module is a simple and practical circuit board, which can know and master the ISD series chip quickly. Embedded electronics and robotics components super store. ISD there was the new recording prompts, when a new recording after, LED back flash once every few seconds to alert users to new recordings. After playing, isd160 playback pointer to the end of the period just the start address, the PLAY button to put just put this paragraph when pressing again – 2 level trigger: It can be multi-segment recording, sampling rate can be adjusted from 4K is1760 12K, the power supply can range from 2.

Then played the last paragraph, began to record the new last paragraph – VOL: In Stock – Ships in 1 to 2 days Rs. Chip voice default output for maximum value, each pressing, the sound is according to 4dB to dying out. During playback click this button to stop playing the current segment and then broadcast the next paragraph, if the current player is the last paragraph, then stop playing the last paragraph and play the first – ERASE: Recording chip ISD series is a highly integrated, high-performance chips.


DigiBay connects millions of buyers with sellers online. Schematic and datasheet available here. Under the SPI mode, user can make more functional operation for chip.

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HTML is not translated! If recording arbitrary memory address, and analog channel configuration registers Analog Path Configuration register, APC to reading and writing.

Operation of conduction through will make voice from the Analn end directly to the horn or AUD output. DigiBay caters to the requirements of students, hobbyists, hackers, experts, etc. Find Us On Map.

In SPI mode, the isd1706 can do more functions on the chip operation. Chip has two independent voice signal input channel, microphone input and analog signal input. If any memory address for playback on the analog channel configuration register Analog PathConfiguration register, APC for reading and writing.

ISD,ChipCorder,Digital,MLS,audio recording,playback – MLS ChipCorder Series

The recording data stored in the FLASH of chip, without any compression, so it has a better sound quality and power storage. It can be recorded many times, sampling rate is from 4K to 12K, the range of power is from 2.

It is applicable to the full range of ISD chip, and has the advantages of simple operation, complete functions and other features. Longer recording time and mutiple message! Enter the code in the box below: It applies to all ISD series chip, with a simple, fully functional characteristics.

Often click this button more than 3 seconds, it is into the “all erase operating mode”, while LED flash two times, and continue to press, the LED put off when it flashes the seventh times, then you loose this key, the voice information of chip are all erased – RESET: In independent key mode, isc1760 the operation is completed, a functional chip will automatically enter power-down mode ied1760 reduce power consumption.


What is more, there are 4 sound effects to prompt the users operation results, such as begin to record, stop to record, erasure, next one and all erase and so on.

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In the independent button mode, when operating some function, the chip will automatically enter power-down mode to reduce power consumption. Register for product notification Please fill this form to be informed when this product arrives: ISD also has new function of recording prompt, after new recording, LED flash one time for every few seconds, and then there is new recording for user. Recording data is stored in the FLASH chip, without any compression, so there is a better sound quality and power storage.

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Chip has two independent audio signal input channel, microphone input and analog signal inputs. After resetting, play and record pointer point to the last paragraph, it means isd17760 playback indicator point to the last sections front, the recording indicator point to the last paragraph of the end.

ISD series recording chip is a kind of high integration and performance chip. Description Reviews 0 Tags.