December 2, 2018


Jens Clever – Master Trader. Uploaded by api .. The key is to find a few solid strategies that work for YOU and master them. My goal is to help you on . 2 Mar Anybody heard of a guy called Jens Clever? He seems to be a trading guy operating out of NY and advertises his services as a trading coach. Web survey powered by Create your own online survey now with SurveyMonkey’s expert certified FREE templates.

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Stock trading guide book covering everything from charts, technical analysis, patterns, indicators and much more.

Jan 3,3: Please leave prediction to investors. He avoids technical jargon and uses plain English that makes even the most complex subjects seem simple. The key is to only trade when the odds are in your favor and to stay in the game.

I have yet frader see a trader who was able to live off a 5K trading account without any additional income. I see it’s more expensive now though. A day trading account gives you too much leverage, making it very tempting to take risks that are way too high!! Staying neutral also means to see the price movements like they really are, not how you want them to be.

Following the Clever Money. If they influence your trading decisions too much, then I would strongly advise you to go back to paper trading in order to gain the confidence you need to not let those oscillations affect you too much.


Mar 2,8: They are therefore never able to focus on one strategy and master it. A significant feature of this ebook is the very large number of bonus trading ebooks that come with it including: Jenss only 90 pages or so in large print with a quite a lot of graphics, but then there’s none of the usual waffle which tends to pad out trading books to hundreds of pages.

The 7 Secret Elements To Successful Day Trading

They are definitely not trading neutral. If you absolutely want to trade live right away please do so with a very small amount of shares. A professional trader will teach you some of his biggest secrets about how to successfully trade the marketsstocks, futures, oil, gold or forex for FREE!

Giving up makes it permanent. While there might be reasons to enter a position for a short-term trade they often end up holding it as an investment if it goes against them.

The Master Trader

Contact Harvey Harvey reads all his email personally. Ever wanted to trade the world’s largest market? They mix trading with investing.

There is a saying that scared money never wins. I bought his MasterTrader e-book a couple of years ago, falling for the e-mail hard sell in a moment of weakness: Discover ingenious techniques to overcome fear, greed, and the cognitive biases traddr are sapping your profit potential.

Harvey Walsh quit his day job at the turn of the century, with the idea of day trading from home. Therefore it is normal to sit on the sidelines every once in a while.


Someone called Kevin Clapp!!!!

The Master Trader – Jens Clever – Day Trading Coach

To much fear will either make you not take losses at all and cause significant draw downs, or it will make you take losses to soon, before traddr actual stop price was hit. Patience to wait for trading opportunities is very important too.

The course covers about every aspect of the business. I didn’t notice the date.

7 Secrets To Successful Day Trading

The goal is to find a strategy that YOU are comfortable with and to master it. I am writing this from memory, as these emails stay on my PC tradr all of 3. I believe that trading with confidence is by far the single most important secret to successful day trading.

Successful traders stay neutral: Oct 10,4: Jul 29, They think they have to make money every day. You will often find yourself letting good opportunities pass by, or you are waiting for additional confirmation that the stock is going your way, which makes you enter trades too late and you end up chasing the stocks; often getting in at the end of the movement.