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Buy An Unquiet Mind: A memoir of moods and madness Reprints by Kay Redfield Jamison (ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low. In fact, argues Kay Redfield Jamison in An Unquiet Mind, the newer name may be the less precise. Is depression really “unipolar” while manic. Ecerpt from Kay Redfield Jamison’s “An Unquiet Mind,” a memoir of having manic depressive illness.

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Kay Redfield Jamison

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It’s a bit of “thank you for being there,” and a bit of “but for you, I’d be dead. Everything that once was sparkling now was flat. Jamison wrote An Unquiet Mind: The second chapter is suddenly more academic and speaks about the semantics of the disease — manic depression vs. Her writing, while full of emotion, maintains a professionalism and intelligence that never speaks down to the reader.

Mary Queen of Scots. Psychotherapy is a sanctuary; it is a battleground; it is a place I have been psychotic, neurotic, elated, confused, and despairing beyond belief.

A Writer of Our Time. She has ridden the extreme mania highs and suffered the almost deadly depressions and tells her story with eloquence, humour and authority. It’s just such a great illustration of how intelligence and knowledge aren’t assets at all — and might even be liabilities — when it comes to understanding and accepting one’s own psychiatric disorder.


Everything All at Once. This well-written memoir covers the various events of Kay’s life, while the illness shapes her life forward. Order by newest oldest recommendations.

An Unquiet Mind: A Memoir of Moods and Madness by Kay Redfield Jamison

But I think I may have read too many beautiful memoirs by poets and novelists to be particularly impressed by the workmanlike writing in this one. Kay Jamison 4 87 Jun 06, For a book that is praised for its candor, Jamison did not seem very genuine or candid. I’d recommend this book to people who could relate somewhat to the author, who need to know that they can recover from mental illness. The Chinese believe that before you can conquer a beast you first must make it beautiful.

Mania can lead to adventures and funny stories, but it also can incur humility and regret. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. I long ago abandoned the notion of a life without storms, or a world without dry and killing seasons.

kayy The vast majority of my clients have little in common with the relatively wealthy, privileged Jamison aside from a diagnosis, and I doubt most would relate much to her story, but on occasion I try to force one of them to read this book.

First published inthis book highlights Jamison’s bravery: My inner lit snob simply won’t shut up. See 1 question about An Unquiet Mind….

You’re frightened, and you’re frightening, and you’re “not at all like yourself but will be soon,” but you know you won’t. An Unquiet Mind must be read.


The writing is clear and beautiful, the descriptions accurate, the interior world she evokes is furiously alive. But, ineffably, psychotherapy heals.

Kay Redfield Jamison – Wikipedia

She is a unquuet mind, an academic and health care professional and absolute authority on this subject; she lives and breathes the disease but is able to treat her patience with complete and utter understanding. Kay Redfield Jamison born June 22, is an American clinical psychologist and writer who is one of the foremost experts on bipolar disorder. But this book is, fedfield all, a memoir. Jamison has also been criticized.

They might think that they ought to, and they might even try, but you know and they know that you are tedious beyond belief: Or the shy, withdrawn, disparate, suicidal, doomed, and tired one?

An Unquiet Mind: A Memoir of Moods and Madness by Kay Redfield Jamison – review

Think jaamison this book as an autobiography and you can’t go wrong. This seems to me of tremendous value. It will never end, for madness carves it’s own reality. Jamison writes about childhood, family and work.