May 15, 2019


The Kepner Tregoe method (KT-method) is a problem analysis model in which the “problem” is disconnected from the “decision”. An English synonym for this. The Kepner Tregoe Matrix is a one of the most unique, documented analysis and decision-making methods. It is sometimes called a root cause analysisand. K.T. Decision Analysis. 1. Write a concise decision statement about what it is we want to decide. – Use first four problem-solving steps to gather information. 2.

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The founders Charles Kepner and Benjamin Tregoe developed a rational working method in the s in which they researched and identified the troubleshooting skills of people.

You can have one or the other, not usually both. Henry Mintzberg Organizational Configurations December 18, Now it is time to make a decision. Kepner and Benjamin B. It’s difficult to believe decsiion there won’t be any bias in there whatsoever! Step Three — Decision Analysis: Analysus four steps, which have been outlined below, can help you to move from start to finish in the decision making process.

Kepner Tregoe decision analysis Prepare decision statement – includes not only the desired result but also the action required. Make a final, single choice between top alternatives A further defined process, for use in conjunction Kepner Tregoe evaluation tools, is as follows: Here the actual cause of the problem and the relationship between cause and result are searched for why did it happen.

Kepner Tregoe Method4. A list of the practical implications must be complied and for each item, identify the best way to prevent it occurring.

By using a good problem analysis in advance, a process will be created to prevent future problems or in emergencies, to limit the damage.


Every implementation has affects on existing operations and procedures and the impact a new decision will have on them whilst it is being put into action must be identified before proceeding. Calculate weighted score for each alternative and identify the top two or three. Once all of the options have been laid out in front of you, the final decision can be made.

Moreover, it also helps improve clear communications with customer and suppliers, production quality, customer service and anything related to maintenance and repairs.

These contingency plans and preventative actions will then be ready to use when the decision is approved for execution and will help to ensure a successful outcome. List adverse consequences for each top alternative and evaluate probability high, medium, low and severity high, medium, low. With a final decision made, you are going to move into potential problem analysis before you even put the decision into action. It is a structured technique to identifying and rank all factors critical to the decision.

While the Kepner-Tregoe Matrix can become quite complex depending on how many factors are involved in a given decision, the basis of the model comes down to four steps.

How to use the Kepner Tregoe decision making model

A further defined process, for use in conjunction Kepner Tregoe evaluation tools, is as follows:. It is marketed as a way to make unbiased decisions in that it is said to limit conscious and unconscious biases that draw attention away from the outcome.

Nominal Group Technique, Pareto Charts, and weighted multivoting are all quite useful. Not only should you be concerned with the problems themselves, but more importantly, you should be focused on the root causes of those problems.

What problems have come up that require some sort of solution?


This decision making model deals with this only by troubleshooting at the end of the process. What do you want this decision to accomplish? The user decisioh will evaluate alternative courses of action to optimize the selected result based on explicit objectives. The steps to success – with unmatched proof! Step Two ttegoe Problem Analysis: They discovered that a predetermined logical method facilitates the search for the causes of a problem.

Problems occur in any given organization. Identify alternatives and perform a risk analysis fir each one.

However, just as was the case with the first step, analysos would be a mistake. Email Name Then Don’t worry — your e-mail address is totally safe. You might assume that you know exactly what the problem is, so you may just rush through this step in order to start working on solutions. Lexicon on Decisions Make Time for Success!

Kepner Tregoe Method

We promise to use it only to send you this newsletter. Throughout the centuries mankind has learned to deal with complexity and to directly anticipate on this. Please enter your name here. It helps the decision maker to maximize critical analyis skills, systematically organize and prioritize information, set objectives, evaluate alternatives, and analyze impact. Decision Making Steps Kepner Tregoe describes the following steps to approach decision analysis: Kepner Tregoe decision making analysks up an outcome as well as how exactly it should be achieved.