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Khadga means sword, Mala means garland, Stotram means hymn of praise. So the Khadgamala Stotram is a hymn to the Great Mother, which bestows. Devi Khadgamala Stotram Lyrics and Video Song. Devi Khadgamala Stotram is a powerful Sanskrit stotra which is composed in a special and unique way. Sri Devi Khadgamala Stotram in English – Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File ( .txt) or read online. Stotram in English.

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Why should I use it? The KS is a very advanced, very powerful recitation from the Srividya school of Shaktism — and yet it is totally within the reach of anyone who approaches it in a spirit of serious, sustained devotion and practice. Then time began to flow making all motions possible.

It fulfils englisb wishes, more than you desire, instantly.

So it is a symbol of Knowledge. What is the symbolic meaning of the KS? The light was Sarasvati. How should you practice Khadgamala?

Devi Khadgamala Stotram Lyrics

Light preserves the present moment. The Divine Mother imagined 14 engish worlds in an atom, and 14 worlds in cosmos. Sword cuts the head, separating body from mind. You can add power and depth as you move along.

How do I begin? It is simply reciting the names of all the Devis of the Sri Chakra.

Still the result will come. All you need do is recite; then, by and by, the Devis will become visible and you will feel the bliss of union with the ultimate and as one goes on, the necessary teachers will appear as if from thin air and guide you further this is the personal experience of many a member of this group.


But the simple fact is that many, many people have recited the KS without injunctions and attained everything.

How often should I use it? But if your circumstances make that kind of commitment difficult or impossible, do not worry!

It is very good for all round protection and progress. Then she felt this was enough and put a sphere around it. She created a great movement to time. If recited when you are tired and exhausted, it is an excellent rejuvenator of the body, mind and the soul.

By chanting this Mala Mantra in times which make detailed Navavarana Chakrarchana Saparya not possible, complete fruit of performing Navavarana is assured to the Sadhaka who simply chants this Mala Mantra. Only if Life is coupled to time any form of experience can occur. Is it okay to recite Khadgamala Stotram without a guru?

I had the pride that I had it, and nobody else had it. The power comes from intensifying concentration to visualize the form, hear the sound, feel the touch, taste, and smell of the divine perfume of the goddess manifesting that part of the ever youthful Goddess. Sections of this page. Khadga means a sword and mala means a garland.

You can sit in front of each of the sculptures in Devipuram to get training khaxgamala such visualizations. Whatever your developmental stage, this is IT.

Energy is always the Creatrix.

The Divine mother Life imagined that there should be time, and time came to be. After three years, unfortunately, due to some strong situations, I left this khadgamala vidya through leaving water in a bowl. Khadga means Sword, Mala means Garland, Stotram means a hymn or song of praise. I was worried what I had would go away. Then she limited the fields of cosmic awareness making an individual.

Regular practice hkadgamala you, nourishes you, and takes you beyond. Then stop even that. Time – space – matter was classified by Her great will into life, sky, air, fire, water stotra earth and ehglish properties in seed form. That is the cosmic bliss we begin to access through our sadhana spiritual disciplines. It can be interpreted also as Wisdom — that which khzdgamala, categorizes, and classifies. The Mala is of five types: As you are reciting each name, a portion of Sri Chakra should spring up in your imagination.


The Divine Mother took the form of Kundalini and chose birth channel as her coiled abode ready to uncoil and strike to transcend life and realizing my potential to be a cosmic being in space and time, before creation of life.

Raja Thatha’s stotra translations: Devi Khadgamala Stotram

If one tries eng,ish concentrate, the body will become tense and the results will not appear. July 23, at 3: The power comes from intensifying concentration to visualize the form, hear the sound, feel the touch, taste, and smell of the divine perfume of the [yogini] manifesting that part of the ever youthful Goddess.

It is a very powerful invocation. We are there to help you. You can add power and depth as you move along. This Yantra consists of nine enclosures — each more secret and esoteric than the one before — surrounding a central point, or bindu, in which Devi, the Supreme Goddess here in Her erotic form as Kameshwari is joined in coitus with her consort see FAQ 2, below.