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Meaning. People laughs at those in trouble even when they are the next in line. Source: Macmillan (). 1, Kikuyu proverbs: with translations and English. 1, Kikuyu proverbs. Responsibility: with translations and English equivalents. By G. Barra, in association with the East African Literature Bureau. Welcome for a comprehensive collection of Kikuyu proverbs and sayings. Topics includes: Love, wisdom, success, leadership, happiness, luck, inspirational.

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Gitonga kigiragio iganjo gikarima.

1,000 Kikuyu proverbs : with translations and English equivalents

Who goes with a fool becomes a fool. The fool pgoverbs many people with him. Talking something over is better than leaving it pending. A long lawsuit breeds poverty. Post was not sent – check your email addresses!

1, Kikuyu proverbs : with translations and English equivalents (Book, ) []

Misfortunes may come in spite of watchfulness. Andu maiganaine magithii na magiceera. Advanced Search Find a Library. The proverb originates in the legend of Wacu, the most despised amongst the wives of a rich man who never gave her any presents. Angimituiria na umirite ndangimiona rikii.

It is good to introduce new blood. The breaking of a betrothal is no small matter.

Kikuyu proverbs

Strength does not correspond with courage. The man that serves is not prevented from being served in turn. One strong person is better than ten helpless ones. Cia kionje itigayagwo gitanakua.


The world is a great book, of which they that never stir read only one page. The grove of the hear is not laid open. Harrison you are even worse Two guests love a different song.

Cia kionje itigayagwo gitanakua The property of a helpless man must nit be divided before his death The reason is that he is unable to get anything more than he already possesses. A man forewarned is forearmed. The good milking cow is praised after her death. No mother is so wicked but desires to have good kikuju. I am greatly indebted to Mrs.

Please enter recipient e-mail address es. There is no partridge which does not know its own way of provegbs. Justus Njoroge 16 March at The ceremony is physically painful, but the candidate is expected to face the operation without wincing.

The Kikuyu use the proverb to say that God takes care of His poor. Gutiri thingira uciraga ta ungi. The owner wakened by the noise, took hold of a firebrand to scare it out. I appreciate your efforts man, you are better off these people, at least you placed it here for us to learn! Your request to send this item has been completed. Ciunagwo rukomo, kimenyi akamenya ikiunwo. To despise the ox means to despise also a strip of hide from it.


It is believed that the older the fruit, the greater it is fermenting power. The proevrbs is oikuyu when they look for something to eat. The ox which has grown old has no admirer.

Nobody cries that has not been pinched. Nobody gathers firewood to roast a thin goat. The proverb means that unsatisfactory excuses are insufficient defence. The proverb means that procerbs are only few things that improve with age. The man in the cold region of the earth kkikuyu require a higher metabolic rate than you and therefore is more tolerant to sugars. Cira wa mucii ndumagirio kiharo. Ciana cia ndigwa itiri maithori.

A friend is never known till needed.

Iganagwo yaari iria yakua. God helps those who help themselves. No gains without pains. Cancel Forgot your password? Aka eri ni nyungu igiri cia utugi.

Ciakorire wacu mugunda The food found Wacu in the field. Githaka kia muici ni gukaana.