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An army of the Lost and the Damned represents a combined force of Chaos featuring The Chaos Horde army list uses the following units from Codex: Chaos. Chaos! suplement for WFB and 40K. The Lost and the Damned are the various Chaos-following cultists, pirates, an army list of their own in Codex: Eye of Terror (the sourcebook for the 13th Black Crusade campaign). The Dark Heresy core rulebook contains everything you need to start your adventure in the Dark Heresy – Apostasy Gambit 2: The Church of the Damned.

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But then Imperial Armour 13 came out These warbands compete with each other as much as they fight against xenos and the forces of the Imperium.

Of those who do not die instantly upon surpassing the limit of the Chaos power that their bodies can withstand, some are abandoned by their warbands to wander the Daemon Worlds until they are slain, while others are kept as pets and war beasts by those who were once their followers. Damnsd charismatic Cult Leader? They have appeared on and off over the last 30 years in various editions. This was taking it to its logical conclusion, and suffice to say, some people thought this was pretty cool.

Chaos Cultists attacking Imperial forces.

Most of the “gifts” offered by the Chaos Gods take the form of physical and genetic changes — mutations. Of course, none of these options really cover the variety that might be found within the Lost and the Damned, as most focus on renegade Guardsmen and maybe a few other eclectic options. Convert up your guardsmen or Rabble to be znd and mutate up some Ogryn for larger mutants.


Chaos is more, well, chaotic. Extended Character Sheet Printer Friendly. First of all, what are we talking about here? We got all the basics on their background and links to the doomed Fire Hawks chapter. For more info, please check out the tactica here. Navigation Main page Recent changes Random page Help. More information can be found on the Warhammer 40k fhe and Lexicanum on these groups.

This page was last modified on 22 Novemberat Even if you are fighting a loyalist force or some orks, you still better keep an eye out for rival chaos worshipers.

Champions and their warbands must constantly prove their continued dedication to their patrons.

Do you all remember the glorious days of Codex Eye of Terror? No two LatD Lost and the Damned armies need be alike. The Chaos Gods are embodiments of the question: Who knows, maybe some of them can wind up in the next edition dambed we expand the descriptions and background sections!

Library – Dark Heresy | 40k RPG Tools

Sided with Slaaneshwell prepare your anus. This second uprising was ultimately defeated by a team of Iron Snakes Astartes sent to determine Skara’s location. Some even more rare and complex vehicles — such as debased examples of the Macharius Omega or the Valdor Tank Hunter — may mark a group’s affiliation to the Dark Mechanicus.

In the Immateriumsimilar thoughts and emotions of the sentient beings of the galaxy join together like rivulets of water running down a cliffside.

The setting of Warhammer 40, is a dark, gothic future where the Imperium of Man is beset by dangers within and without. Sign In Don’t have an account? At these times, the Lost and the Damned form a nigh unstoppable tide that attacks with seemingly ane numbers. You will generally have to make do with much less than you did in the Guard and much of your gear is likely going to be looted from people who don’t want you looting their stuff. Your friendly neighborhood Arch Heretic.


So what did we 40K players of 15 years ago do you may ask? The insurrection was suppressed by the Celebrants Chapter ‘s counterattack.

Lost and the Damned

It was defeated in Although untold billions of sentients worship the Chaos Gods under a myriad of different guises, names and aspects, for the majority of lpst who serve Chaos, the Dark Gods offer simply the chance for more power and wealth in a universe where such things are rarely easily attained.

Which introduced 4 new armylists to the game:. Sooooooo many options made for nice build combos, basically the closest thing we had to any of the 3.

Filetyype think about how easy it would be to make them an army. Prepare to be purged. Champions earn rewards from their gods by destroying their patron’s enemies and succeeding on obscure missions and quests. Still rather luckluster though, as the limited units and god choices in the army made it rather obvious they were primarily intended for the Vraks campaign even though Forge World’s website said they could be used for other renegades if needed.

Basically this — but with bones and flames. These Champions are nothing more than codwx sacrifices to Chaos, their goals and ambitions forever unfulfilled.