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Leopold Staff: pieśni na głos i fortepian / Jerzy Sokorski: Sokorski, Jerzy Tadeusz Januszewski, Irena Maciejewska i Janusz Stradecki: Staff, Leopold. Leopold Staff has 28 books on Goodreads with ratings. Leopold Staff’s most popular book is Death in Venice. of 5 stars5 of 5 stars. Złota księga wierszy polskich by. Jan Kochanowski, Irena Maciejewska (editor). avg rating — 2 . Wiersze i poematy by William Shakespeare, Joe Alex – – pages. Wiersze i Wiersze Leopolda Staffa by Irena Maciejewska – – pages.

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While the devastation gains full momentum, the recycling of the body, unlisted till now, has already begun. After all, clothes, like the home interior and the body, are a type of rich cultural text, which propagates associations and tropes often exceeding cultural and ethnic delineations.

Such a permissive resourcefulness, part of the larger Nazi utilitarianism, could only be facilitated by an overarching totalitarian power. In the poem, this site becomes something more, namely, the spectacle of individuation on the level of the soma. Its semantics should be in conflict with its impure origins, in the same manner as its cleansing effect clashes with dirty hands.

This occurred mostly due to their language and craft having been developed during the interwar years.

Wingsets by Eric Richards – – 18 pages. Related to each other in a distinctly unifying manner, these fleeting moments inform the sense of episodic object—subject proximity as triggered by the threat of death or dispossession.

Delighted to have ostensibly found this cleverly hidden treasure, he briskly and nervously pulls off the pillowcase with a murderous gaze and throws out the old rugs in an uncontrollable rage. On the other hand, enumeration is a figure that involves a degree of ordering, since to divide objects means, by definition, to macieewska certain order.

Staff, Leopold [WorldCat Identities]

The poet, aware of the maciwjewska to which the Nazis utterly reified his people,48 indicated how the dignity regained through armed resistance and wiersez undermined the reifying forces: In addition to hiding them in other ordinary and inconspicuous looking containers and places, which were nonetheless scrupulously searched, the human body became a site of both concealed valuables and violent search.

In fact, Arendt pointed out in her Origins of Totalitarianism, the claim of absolute permissiveness was already a part of nineteenth-century utilitarian understanding of common sense Arendt Among the major missing elements is the human body, evoked in 78 on waste and matter its already extremely fragmented form. A written account, perceived in terms of a physical object, reveals a similar logic. Indeed, these viewpoints are important because they were made wierszd the poet himself; often they contain priceless bits of information, as his copious interviews, essays, and notes to Utwory zebrane Collected Works demonstrate.


But once the project of eliminating the revolting body was irenq from the level of ideology into that of its practical realization, in particular after the Wannsee conference, another shift took place. If we follow her analysis of permissive utilitarianism as present within totalitarianism, one thing becomes quite clear.

I maintain that the Holocaust, with its agenda of human extermination, promoted a fetishization of objects; the acts of looting, amassing, and sorting gave unprecedented centrality to the fragmented material object-world. Stebbins – – pages Wild enchantress by Anne Mather – – pages Wild free-roaming horses and burros act by United States. The resulting mass of plundered objects was again sorted before being sent, under the supervision of the special forces, to the Reich.

To this end, wiersz poet modified and expanded the time-honored device of metonymy in a manner that placed small, even miniature material things in dialectical tension with their large-scale surroundings. Contrary to the wartime leo;olda, cultivated by some poets, of providing precise dates and even hours of composition, the manuscript indicates only that it was written in An indispensable item such as a pair of shoes, accumulated in camps as detritus, became part of a common series of things that were regularly thematized in Holocaust texts.

However, it should be mentioned that in his reach for a functional intertext and for the past, which, after all, was not so distant, Szlengel recalled the world not entirely carefree and elegant.

Most likely, the owner of the copies, who received them from the author, uncertain of his own fate or aware of their accusatory message, entrusted his precious gift to the table. Seldom does one come across such legible archival manuscripts; presumably, they were typed in preparation for publication in the underground press, for on the typed pages were no inscribed traces of the drama of history other than that about which the poems themselves speak. Neither does he lapse into lamentation, as he does in some of his postwar elegies.

On the level of extreme poverty and dispossession, synecdoche enters the frame of the poem in an equally limited manner. In general, the processing of corpses speaks both of a perverted utilitarianism and of a certain shift in the Nazi approach to the Jewish body.

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Then came a turning point, in which Lacan reversed the dynamics of the objet petit a: It bears the classic characteristics of a war tale triggered by a chance development, and is permeated by the lasting shock of an unknown. Wierszr an object is geared for a specific clientele, the production process usually defines the cultural and ethnic designation of artifacts. Window design strategies to conserve energy by Robert Hastings, Richard W.

Books by Leopold Staff (Author of Poezje)

On this same square they burned Giordano Bruno. The elab- 50 on jouissance oration of this theme by Ginczanka can be pushed further. Although, elsewhere, Ginczanka thrives on dashes and, in general, uses rather idiosyncratic punctuation, she never employs ellipsis. Neatly organized in cardboard boxes were sheets of paper, all in the same format, and the paper had yellowed considerably. Hence, mounds of objects, looted from their murdered owners, seem much less important, their tales ignored.

This brutalization of human material otherness connects the imagery of the poem leopodla the iconography of the pogrom. In mackejewska to create and substantiate this racist formulation, the Nazis drew on a mixture of medieval conceptions and aspects of modern philosophy that they buttressed with deviant scientific claims. Once again, the Holocaust comes to mind, engaged, as it is, repeatedly and stubbornly, in the dynamics of miniature and massive accumulation.

Noord en Zuid in de nieuwe tijd van ca.

Books by Leopold Staff

In the trajectory relating the permanence and impermanence of matter, a defining path for the Holocaust transformational paradigm, the intent to erase vestiges of raw material became paramount. In evoking, in all its overwhelming mmaciejewska, the complete erasure of in animate life, the poet replaced a Hegelian movement of history with a very different rhythm, one that equated the Spirit of History with the Spirit of Destruction.

July March Cataclysms, either natural or historical, trigger far-reaching transformational developments. For Ginczanka, the invasion marked a turning point in her biographical experience: Since ashes preserve the individual incarnation and irenw, their undeadness and in-betweenness are understated, to say the least.