Money: 10 Mistakes that Most People Make


Features of a Good Personal Financial Plan.

Everyone has desires that they would want to actualize either sooner or after a period. Management of your income is very critical to ensure that you can fend for your daily needs and also save for your goals.

The reason why it is recommended for people to do their financial planning is because they understand themselves very much including what they earn and how they spend it. Impulse buying can be the reason why we spend more than we earn leaving us in debts which should not be the case. It is advisable to plan for our finances and stay committed to the plan because otherwise, we would not solve any issue.

You can use different online platforms for planning your finances, or you can go the traditional way where you use a pen and a book to write everything and generate a plan. The first step is to check your current status regarding your financial status and where you have gone wrong. From this task, you will know if you have debts, your spending habits and what you need to cut off.

Document about your finances information and these could include where you get money to spend including unofficial means like gifts. After generally documenting your income sources, you need to classify the income that is assured and that which is unexpected like gifts. The next step is to know what your source of finance is going to finance on your budget and this should match the certainty of your income and for this reason your guaranteed income should fund your regular bills while the irregular income can serve the purpose of doing what you like for fun.

It is essential to know your spending habits and categorize if what you spent your money on is basic or luxury. As you group your sspending you should not forget about the small things that may be a big part of your spending like airtime, fuel or transport cost among others. You should set your budget for what you need and set aside a smaller percentage of what to spend on yourself because you can’t completely cut down everything drastically.

Your goals could include going on a vacation, buying an apartment, buying new furniture or anything that you desire and they will motivate you to work towards them by saving and once you are able to save for your goals regardless of how small they may be then you are assured of having the ability to save for that big thing. Consider a savings plan where you contribute on a regular basis as this will ensure that you stay committed to your goal and you must appreciate your efforts in your journey of financial growth.

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