December 22, 2018


This study dealt with the effect of the volume of drug cases before and after implementation of the Republic Act (RA) , otherwise known as the Dangerous. Republic Act No. , otherwise known as the Comprehensive. Dangerous Drugs Act of , provides that: “the State needs to enhance further the efficacy of. 28 Aug MANILA, Philippines – It is one of the Philippines’ main weapons against illegal drugs yet Republic Act or the Comprehensive Dangerous.

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Such Center which shall be headed by the Provincial Social. If the preliminary investigation is conducted by a judge and a probable cause is found to exist, the corresponding information shall be filed by the proper prosecutor within forty-eight 48 hours from the date of receipt of the records of the case.

It’s implemented every now and then, there are times it would be prioritized, there are times not.

Comprehensive Dangerous Drugs Act of 2002

The PDEA shall be headed by a Director General with the rank of Undersecretary, who shall be responsible for the general administration and management of the Agency. Data retrieved from the detainees also stressed that the big difference brought out by RA and RA in terms of monetary and number of years of penalty is the reason that made the difference. Please try again later.

These results imply that penalty counts a lot in controlling and minimizing repuublic in society. Fire hits Navy base in Cavite Philippines. Mula hanggang ngayon, every now and then parang roller coaster, may panahon na aasikasuhin, may panahon na hindi. In the case of minors under fifteen 15 years of age at the time of the commission of any offense penalized under this Act, Article of Presidential Decree No.

ProvidedThat where a criminal case is pending in court, such petition relublic be filed in the said court.

Another problem of the board is the lack of quorum, which requires 9 out of 17 members. Repunlic purposes of this Act, all prescriptions issued by physicians, dentists, veterinarians or practitioners shall be written wct forms exclusively issued by and obtainable from the DOH. The maximum penalty provided for under this Section shall be imposed in every case where any dangerous drug is administered, delivered or sold to a minor who is allowed to use the same in such a place.

Justice Peralta cites Congress debates on drug law vs De Lima

The law is already good. If the land involved is part of the public domain, the maximum penalty provided for under this Section shall be imposed upon the offender. Publication and Distribution of Materials on Dangerous Drugs. In some agencies abroad, the DDB fepublic the funds.


The presence of any controlled precursor and essential chemical or laboratory equipment in the clandestine laboratory is a prima facie proof of manufacture of any dangerous drug. I’ve read the Rappler privacy statementsite use policycomment moderation policy. They shall be deemed persons in authority if they are in the school or within its immediate vicinity, or even beyond such immediate vicinity if they are in attendance at any school or class function in their official capacity as school heads, supervisors, and teachers.

In the past kasi, mga nandun sa PNP Philippine National Policenandun sa iba’t ibang organizations, so sila-sila pa rin In the past, those from the PNP are also ac other organizations, so it’s just always them. The graduates of the Academy shall later comprise the operating units of the PDEA after the termination of the transition period of five 5 years during which all the intelligence network and standard operating procedures of the PDEA has been set up and operationalized.

Propiram containing not more than milligrams of propiram per dosage unit and compounded with at least the same amount of Methylcellulose. Any officer or employee found repjblic for use of dangerous drugs shall be dealt with administratively which shall be a ground for suspension or termination, subject to the provisions of Article of the Labor Code and pertinent provisions of the Civil Service Law.

The prescribing physician, dentist, veterinarian or practitioner shall, within three 3 days after issuing such prescription, inform the DOH of the same in writing. Drug test certificates issued by accredited drug testing centers shall be valid for a one-year period from the date of issue which may be used for other purposes.

Student Councils and Campus Organizations. Termination of the Grant of Immunity. In reality, however, politics and bureaucracy get in the way of things.

Republic Act | The latest from Inquirer News

The two 2 regular members shall be as follows: But votingthe High Court dismissed her pleas. The esters and ethers, unless appearing in another Schedule, of the drugs in this Schedule whenever the existence of such esters or ethers is possible. Unlawful Prescription of Dangerous Drugs.

ProvidedThat in the case of medical practitioners and various professionals who are required to carry such equipment, instrument, apparatus and other paraphernalia in the practice of their profession, the Board shall prescribe the necessary implementing guidelines thereof. Any teacher or school employee, who discovers or finds that any person in the school or within its immediate vicinity is liable for violating any of said provisions, shall have the duty to report the same to the school head or immediate superior who shall, in turn, report rpeublic matter to the proper authorities.


Upon recommendation of the Board, the court may commit the accused under suspended sentence to a Center, or to the care of a DOH-accredited physician for at least six 6 months, with after-care and follow-up program for not more than eighteen 18 months. Delay and Bungling in atc Prosecution of Drug Cases. Cannabis and Cannabis resin and extracts and tinctures of cannabis As of posting time, Rojas was already relieved from his post after Duterte ordered appointees of former president Benigno Aquino III to submit a courtesy resignation.

It shall be considered an aggravating circumstance if the clandestine laboratory is undertaken or established under the following circumstances:. The Members from the Senate shall be appointed by the Senate President based on the proportional representation of the parties or coalitions therein with at least two 2 Senators representing the Minority. Select gender Male Female. Difenoxin containing, per dosage unit, not more than rwpublic. But with more drug users surrendering by the day government cannot afford to tarry in providing much needed interventions for Filipinos who ve made the first step away from drugs.

This Acg which is a consolidation of Senate Bill No. The member of the law enforcement agency or any other government employee mentioned in the preceding paragraphs shall not be transferred or re-assigned to any other government office located in another territorial jurisdiction during the pendency of the case in court.

Select gender Male Female. The secretaries do not attend. The original, after the prescription has been filled, shall be retained by the pharmacist for a period of one 1 year from the date of sale or delivery of such drug.

The penalty of imprisonment ranging from twelve 12 years and one 1 day to twenty 20 years and a fine ranging from One hundred thousand pesos P, The head of said Center shall submit to the court every four 4 months, or as often as the court may require, a written report on the progress of the treatment. Employees and Visitors of a Den, Dive 91665 Resort. Preparations conforming to any of the formulas listed in this Schedule atc mixtures such preparations with any material which contains no drug.