December 8, 2018


Residential Tenancies Act, RTA, the Residential Tenancy Act is the Ontario Landlord and Tenant law covering renters. 12 Apr Ontario Regulation / Bill or Act: Residential Tenancies Act, Summary of Decision: The regulation was necessary in order to amend. 10 Mar Regulations under the Residential Tenancies Act, The Ontario government has introduced legislation to strengthen protections for.

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Harassment, interference with reasonable enjoyment General Rules Governing Amount of Rent. Disposal of property, unit abandoned.

June 19, — September 25, Investigating, and commencing or causing to be commenced proceedings with respect to, an alleged offence under clause tu or v that occurred before, on or after the commencement date, other than an offence described in clause Application for above guideline increase.

Exemptions related to social, onatrio.

Residential Tenancies Act, 2006, S.O. 2006, c. 17

Landlord not to interfere with reasonable enjoyment. Requiring a Standard Lease The Ontario government will also develop a standard lease that will be required to be used by all landlords.

According to the Province of Ontario, a standard lease aims to decrease disputes between landlords and tenants and allows transparency between landlords and tenants, while also ensuring fairness between parties.

The conduct of the member, another occupant of the member unit or a person permitted in the residential complex by the member is such that it substantially interferes with the reasonable enjoyment of the residential complex for all usual purposes by the co-operative or another member of the co-operative or occupant of the residential complex or substantially interferes with another lawful right, privilege or interest of the co-operative or another such member or occupant.

Expiry of term The member fails to pay the regular monthly housing charges lawfully owing with respect to the member unit. Applications made under Tenant Protection Act, Making, continuing or rrsidential disposing of an application under section for the review of a work order issued with respect to the complaint before, on or after the commencement date. How notice or document given to Board. Order that the landlord assume the obligation to supply electricity to the rental unit and set the new rent that can be charged.


A settlement mediated under section or an order made with respect to the previous application. Effect of payment To allow a person who holds a certificate of authorization within the meaning of the Professional Engineers Act or a certificate of practice within the meaning of the Architects Act or another qualified person to make a physical inspection of the rental unit to satisfy a requirement imposed under subsection 9 4 of the Condominium Act, Termination for cause, illegal act May 18, — June kntario, Order the landlord to do specified repairs or replacements or other work within a specified time.

Ontario Landlord & Tenant Legislation, Edition

Application to Board, without notice, based on previous order, mediated settlement. Restriction on recovery of possession The government has committed to consultation on the standard lease. Termination of tenancy A prescribed service, facility, privilege, accommodation or thing.

This is an unofficial version of Government of Ontario legal materials. Order final, binding Tenant’s notice to terminate, refusal of assignment. Landlord’s responsibility to repair.

Retrieved from ” https: Information on rights and obligations. Application to Board, after notice is given to member. Advertising a sale It is up-to-date as of January 31, For for previous now repealed laws, go to: If the settlement or order requires the tenant to pay some or all of the arrears of rent, the amount qct any additional arrears of rent arising after the date of the settlement or order.

If there is more than one tenant, notice shall be given jointly by all of them. Harassment, interference with reasonable enjoyment.

Notice of termination, demolition, conversion or repairs. Board may extend, shorten time Demolition, conversion, repairs If bad faith cannot be tenamcies, the LTB could order additional compensation to be paid to the tenant. Login Register Follow on Twitter Search. Termination for cause, damage, shorter notice period Notice of termination, demolition, conversion or repairs A settlement mediated under section or order made with respect to the previous application requires the tenant to pay rent or some or all of the arrears of rent or compensation for the repair or replacement of damaged property.


Ontario’s Landlord and Tenant Board is governed by the act. The statement shall include an assertion that, as a result of the sexual violence or the act or omission committed against the tenant or the child, the tenant believes that he or she or the child may be at risk of harm or injury, if he residejtial she or the child continues to reside in the rental unit.

Follow Please login to follow content. If the tenant vacated the rental unit after giving notice that was not in accordance with this Act, arrears of rent are owing for the period that ends on the earliest termination date that could have been specified in the notice, had the notice been given in accordance with section 47, 96 oras the case may be.

The guideline for ontafio calendar year shall be not more than 2. If the settlement or order referred to in paragraph 2 of subsection 3 requires the tenant to pay some or all of the arrears of rent, the amount of arrears of rent that arose after the date of the settlement or order.

Introduction to the Fair Housing Plan: This article about Canadian law is a stub. Notice, landlord personally, etc.