December 3, 2018


A four-bedroom house whose design attempts to search for a contemporary architecture adapted to the tropical climate. This led to the incorporation. Ken Yeang; Roof-Roof House, Kuala Lumpur, Discover ideas about House Roof. The Roof-Roof House, one of Yeang’s earliest experiments. 18 Sep Born in in Penang, Malaysia, Ken Yeang grew up with his parents in an early Modernist house. He obtained his qualifications in.

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Is that approch still valid? This page was last edited on 13 Septemberat Cited by the The Guardian as one of the 50 people who could save the planet, Ken Yeang is viewed as a theorist, practitioner, architect, and most importantly in his opinion an ecologist. These are some of the reasons is very stressful. Nature-centric yeeang when you give priority to nature and to me nature-centric design is the starting point, and not the techno-centric nor the anthropo-centric.

Yeang contends that an ecological architectural aesthetic should resemble a living system, looking natural, verdant and hirsute with nature and its processes visible in the bio-integration of the synthetic builtform’s physical constituents abiotic with the native fauna, flora the biotic constituents and the environmental biological processes of the land.

Roof Roof House – i Design

Ken Yeang was ahead of his time. Yeang as a campaigner for effective green design understands the complexities of sustainability. In his own words he states ; We would be mistaken to see green design as simply about eco-engineering.

These engineering systems are indeed important part of green design and its technologies are rapidly developing and advancing towards a green built environment and architecture but these are not exclusively the only considerations in green design. This was an endeavour that McHarg had sought to yeagn but unable likely limited by being a landscape architect. Rooff naturally-ventilated atrium between the blocks has a ventilating louvred canopy that serves as its ‘fifth facade’.


January Learn how and when to remove this template message. This aesthetic is an independent aesthetic that encompasses eco-design holistically and which comes from an interpretation, an understanding and the inclusion of ecological constituents and processes of its locality in its built form. Influences can be further found in Yeang’s later building and planning work. His eco-aesthetic does not have the shape or form that in any way resemble existent architectural styles.

Performance has no limit and that is our main objective. A theoretical rigorousness underpins his work. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

This theoretical model continues to serve as the underlying guiding framework for his present eco-architecture and eco-masterplanning work. This article is an autobiography or has been extensively edited by the subject or by someone connected to the subject. His honorary degrees include D. Retrieved 14 March This led to the incorporation of structure as environmental filters which also determined the form, language and configuration of the building.

The Solaris building Singapore, brought together his ideas on ecological architecture with a continuous landscaped ramp and other experimental devices. The swimming pool on the east functions as an evaporative-cooling device bring in the predominantly easterly breeze into the adjoining internal living spaces.

Notizie del giorno Fashion shows are changing: For Yeang, buildings need to be simple, flexible, able to be assembled and disassembled recyclableand integrate seamlesslesly with the natural environment — the building should always be influenced by the site specifics of ecology, physical landscape and climate. We are sorry, we are still working on adjusting Archnet.

They do not realise that there is much more than just accreditation. His benchmark buildings, projects and their innovations include:. Multiple upper-level sky-bridges link the building’s two blocks one containing the book collections and the other shaped block for programming activities.


The impact of Yeang’s work on architecture is based on his patterns of biointegration of biotic constituents with the inorganic structure of the built environment. First one is that being an architect is a cash-driven business. He sees the eco-architecture as designed like a ‘constructed living system’. Its side ‘wind wing-walls’ directs wind into the dining area.

Yeang’s home is the experimental Roof-Roof House in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. – Image – LEAF Review

The way we kn also changed considerably since when we started. But roof roof house ken yeang me tell you a little about I feel about the poetry of architecture. Yeang as a campaigner for effective green design hpuse the complexities of sustainability. In response, a set of massive sunshades 6metres in length were installed on the side of the building to control solar radiation and glare, but allow for maximum daylight.

Ken Yeang is a principle at T. The dwelling has an identifiable curved louvred umbrella-like upper roof-structure that functions as a solar-filtering device and device that shades the building’s lower roof terrace.

Eco visionary: Ken Yeang

Universidad Ricardo Palma, PeruD. Menswear and womenswear collections roof roof house ken yeang walk together yeangg will be on sale right after the ekn. The sky terraces harness cooling breezes and the roof gardens and landscaping lower the ambient temperature surrounding the building, a feature that contributes to the National Library having an environmental impact that is lower than that of similar sized office buildings.

These are the news from Burberry but the evolution is generalized: Taylors University, Malaysia