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+ Sybase Interview Questions and Answers, Question1: How do I tell which tables have Search and apply jobs on Sybase including Sybase DBA, Sybase . Sybase Interview Questions and Answers. Are you a Database Administrator? Need to update DBA technical knowledge or need to prepare for a job interview?. DBA Job Interview Questions and Answers – Tasks a DBA should do in Sybase – Sybase Interview Questions and Answers.

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Do Not Change This: A device will have a row in the sysdevices table.

Here, storage devices are datadev and logdev. Establishing a password and login policy. If the binding is to a specific temporary database, and that database is available online then.

Then, I will build the new master device using buildmaster. After that, the server will automatically shut down; restart it and see if your application databases are still there. An application with large resource requirements could hog the tempdb and cause. Alternate key is a answerd which is declared as a second key in composite key. Unknown 24 June at What are procedures and what are the uses of procedures?

How to swap a db device with another Server naming and renaming How to clear tempdb when the tempdb gets filled in Sybase?


Sybase Interview Questions & Answers

You have done a great work. What is the named data cache, what is buffer pooling and how the cache hit effects the system performance?

Creating Rep DefSub and testing Replication: Availability is a key requirement on which ASE has always ysbase utmost importance. Its just store allocation and deallocation, Its not taking complete back and truncate inactive part of log. Without identifying the specific, reproducable problem, any action is no better than speculation.

Interview questions for ASE DBAs

Most of the time login and user gets created by the same name, which creates confusion that user is able to login to server, still not able to access table or stored procedure.

What is Open Server in Sybase? While your taking the dump you can keep the “Retaindays” meanwhile for example i have keep the retaindays as 5 days answrrs my dump file. What is Sybase IQ? Which command can be used to verify this?

Top + Sybase Interview Questions – Best Sybase Interview Questions and Answers | Wisdom Jobs

No; in older Sybase versions 4. What command you use to change the default value in column b to 5? This is Sybase TS method of removing most activity from the master device: What is table partitioning?

What is this TDS protocol in Sybase? What are the most important DBA tasks? And let me know which you are using in your day to day operations? How do I run multiple versions of Sybase on the same server?


You must be in the parent directory of snapshots and execute the below command. Describe the tables in from clause so as the smaller table occurs first interiew then the larger tables.

Sybase Blog -Anything About Sybase ASE,REP,IQ.

In a similar fashion, any user logins can be individually bound to specific temporary databases. Date the password was last changed. Truncating the log can cause inconsistencies between the primary and replicate databases. There are two types of Sybsystemprocs. It contain all existed logins information of a server. Users and groups the classic method that has always been there since the first version of Sybase are limited to a single database.

What are different types of triggers? Dump tran will not work, if your database option is set to “truncate log fba checkpoint”.