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May 6, When we are taught these it is a separate class with instruction, some times just verbal. Can you expand on all this please? Some of the stuff is very interesting and applicable to today’s environment.

Hi Leif, When you talk boo,s learning the kuden of Koto Ryu and Kukishin Ryu Bikenjutsu, are you talking about the kuden of the different kata? Obviously, that’s not an attack, as each will attract the students who like what each approach offers. There are two Bujinkan Shihan that are giving some seminars about Gikan-ryu.

Takamatsu Ryu Densho, Budoya

Henka formal henka I’m talking about here, not the made-up on the spot form could be officially written takamatsuxen, or kuden, depending on the Ryu itself. Search tags for this page. With the Genbukan, as Tanemura Sensei sought out other students of Takamatsu Sensei to learn from, he got quite a different focus on the Ryu themselves, learning each individually and separately, allowing for such things to be covered, hence them being present in your organisation. Do you already have an takamatsden But they say that what they teach are nothing official but what they understand from the teachings of Hatsumi.

Takamatsuden Books

No, create an account now. But the thing is that even the ilustrations of the Takamatsuden Togakure-ryu Densho -aparently- are the same as the Gingetsu’s orginal book. A “standard” well, more common, at least, but hardly universally followed form is to start with kirigami literally “cut paper”which is basically your entrance into the Ryu, then you are awarded a Shoden Menkyo initial transmission licenceChuden Menkyo middle transmission licenceOkuden Menkyo inner transmission licenceMenkyo Kaiden licence of full transmission.


I am not talking about the kuden within the individual patterns but the sections within the different ryu ha. May 8, Hi Chris no, it was the kuden sections of koto ryu and kukishin ryu biken.

Hi Greg, Chris answered it quite eloquently.

Out of interest and I’m not asking you to divulge what it was exactly, obviouslybut can you tell me whether or not that included the Fudo Ken, Engeki Ken, Shinmyo no Ken methods for Kukishin Ryu Biken?

It would seem a lot of ppl claim to teach all 9schools of the bujinkan, I still don’t think hatsum I has shown them all yet -giken ryu etc, I would go as to say a lot of ppl claiming such things as they are teaching the whole 9 schools are fooling themselves and lying to their students, don’t they NOW study bujinkan taijutsuvery little to do with the original ryu or 9 schools, isn’t it argued that they have moved on from that past teaching into what it is no days, that is a combination of many different teachings and how hatsumi trains in themas he has said many timeshe does not teachand isn’t it said by many that “we don’t train like the old daysold ryu’swe now do this cos it is betterand we have been told its better for us, please don’t question this as we knowwe’ve been toldok.

Hi Greg, No, Troy’s right in the way traditional arts are transmitted. I read the article and yes there are specific kuden sections of some of the Ryu ha.

Koto Ryu Densho Takamatsuden Books

Now it seems to me that we have some 15 dans saying thatthe basics are important -gyokko ryu, forms etc, and explaining that these must be the foundation of your training in these arts, boois that good hard training in them is needed, that to many high ranks are in need of these thingssome are even now re teaching tenchijin manual again, I never did see anyone back in old days being soft as they are today, if you don’t feel pain or get hit firmlythen how are you going to learn to move?

  DBX 1231 PDF

Hi Troy, I kinda hate to say it, but I don’t think that such sections are well known in the other organisations. I was curious as to why he didn’t,the put that in the book. Apr 14, In this book are lots of information alike the Takamatsuden Takaamtsuden has. Apr 14, 9. Apr 11, 5. They’re one of my four favorite Takamatsu-den arts. Apr 10, 3. In the genbukan, we are taught the specific sections when we learn each menkyo level. Then, of course, there are organisations such as the one I’m in, but unless you’re in Australia, it’s kinda moot.

If you want the traditional systems, go to the Genbukan.

Mar 8, Messages: And I agree; I love Gyokko ryu and Koto ryu. May 7, Takagi Yoshin Ryu, that was discussed has sections for each menkyo level taught. If you are, I don’t think that’s what Troy’s asking about, he’s asking about the specific kuden sections of some Ryu-ha, separate to the kuden of the waza themselves. It does seem a pity for anyone joining bokos organisation later, though This, it seems, can lead some to think that it’s actually from Kukishinden or Shinden Fudo, when it’s not, all of which just adds to the confusion that occurs over what is or isn’t part of the Ryu there.

Simply having an instructor explain a technique in more detail isn’t tajamatsuden what’s meant by “kuden” although there can be kuden teachings for the kata, often of variations, or ura gata, or alternate applications, such as “hidden strikes”. I will say that there are some patterns to teach the different strategy of different kuden.