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3 Jun Introducción a los conceptos de la bioenrgetica Estructuras de carácter rígido oral masoquista psicópata esquizoide. 3 Dec This is “TESTEO [Teaser]” by Vértebro on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them. Viernes 08 de diciembre, taller de iniciación a la kinesiología. Ven a aprender el testeo muscular que permite acceder a la memoria celular. Gracias a la.

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Thus, the interpretation of the results obtained in these studies may be quite impaired.

Thus, one believes that the familiarization process in these individuals may be shorter than that observed in untrained individuals. Int J Sports Med ;7 Suppl 1: Chestnut JL, Docherty D. Thus, the objective of this study was to verify the number of sessions required for the familiarization to 1-RM tests in physically active men with previous experience with weightlifting.

Bioenergética y Testeo Muscular

Services on Demand Journal. Anthropometric standardization reference manual. All individuals were measured and weighted barefoot and wearing bathing suit only. Exer Sports Sci Rev ;1: The concordance limit between the familiarization sessions where the supposed stabilization of the muscular strength occurred in each one of the three exercises investigated was analyzed by means of the procedures proposed by Bland and Altman Thus, the previous experience of subjects in the exercises performance may have contributed for the familiarization process to 1-RM tests to occur more quickly.

Anderson T, Kearney JT. To do so, 21 men J Strength Cond Res ;8: A maximum number of three attempts with minutes interval for recovery was used in each exercise in the four testing sessions. Relationship between training volume, physical performance capacity, and serum hormone concentrations during prolonged training in elite weight lifters. All the contents of this journal, except where otherwise noted, is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution License.

Los tests fueran ejecutados en cuatro sesiones, intervaladas en cada horas.

Body composition from fluid spaces and density: Besides, when the exercises to be tested involve large muscular groups, a longer familiarization period seems to be necessary when compared muscylar exercises involving small muscular groups. Moritani T, Devries HA.


Thus, one believes that the use of the intra-class correlation analysis between measures would not be the most suitable procedure in these situations, once this index does not seem to be sufficiently sensible to analyze individual modifications National Academy of Science, ; Br J Nutr ; Med Sci Sports Exerc ; How to cite this article.

It is worth mentioning that the values corresponding to the confidence interval between exercises were smaller for the stabilization sessions when compared with the other pairs of muscular strength evaluations table 3.

El Testeo Muscular: Un Webinar con Mary Ruiz – |

J Strength Cond Res ; Training of muscle strength and power: Three measures were taken in each anatomic point abdomen, suprailliac, medial axillary, subscapular, triceps, chest and thigh in rotational sequence at the right side of the body, where the average value was recorded.

The importance of familiarization sessions for the attainment of more accurate results in the 1-RM tests has been recently reported in other studies All the authors declared there is not any potential conflict of interests regarding this article.

The subjects, after being previously informed of the purposes of this investigation and about procedures to which they would be submitted, signed a free consent form. Figures 1 and 2 plot the individual differences axis-y of 1-RM between sessions three and four in function of the averages between both sessions axis-x for bench press and squat, respectively.

Unfortunately, this hypothesis was not tested in the present study and further investigations are suggested.

TESTEO [Teaser] on Vimeo

Figures 12 and 3 present the plotting proposed by Bland and Altman 15 for the verification of concordance between the measures obtained in sessions in which the loads stabilization process was statistically configured. Maximal strength and power assessment in novice weight trainers. All subjects were submitted to musscular 1-RM tests sessions in bench press, squat and arm curl exercises, in this order respectively, with hours interval between each session for the evaluation of the muscular strength.


These results indicate that the lack of previous familiarization to procedures involving the performance of 1-RM tests may impair the analysis of information, especially in follow-up studies.

However, recent studies have indicated significant increases on the muscular strength in 1-RM tests in young men and women as well as in elderly women without previous or late experience with muscilar Effects musculxr single vs. Among the several training means for the development of mmuscular muscular strength, the weightlifting is emphasized.

It is worth emphasizing that the execution form and technique of each exercise was standardized and continuously monitored in the attempt of assuring the quality of information.

El Testeo Muscular: Un Webinar con Mary Ruiz

Techniques for measuring body muscullar. The results found enabled the corroboration of the moments in which the loads stabilization was verified in all exercises studied figures The same type of graphic representation was used to express the concordance between sessions two and three for arm curl figure 3.

Thus, the objective of this study was to investigate the impact of the familiarization process on the muscular strength assessment in 1-RM tests. The tests were performed in four sessions with intervals every hours. In this context, the Bland and Altman 15 plotting was used in the present study, once it is a statistical resource that allows the analysis of concordance between measures obtained in the different 1-RM tests sessions.

Carolan B, Cafarelli E. Testing versus training effects on 1-RM strength assessment in older adults. Strength and power training. Table 1 presents the description of the physical characteristics of the subjects investigated.