December 23, 2018


Vitrium Security Features. Vitrium Security is one of the most robust content. Vitrium pricing was designed to be affordable for SMBs to large enterprises. Our Story. Since Vitrium has been providing content security and digital.

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We were uncertain when going from a standard PDF approach to a more sophisticated digital rights management approach. I’d say there are a ton of capabilities virium the Vitrium system and the reporting capabilities are nice.

When you need help. Other than one major case, it has been consistent in reliability. I’d say there are a ton of capabilities in the Vitrium system and the reporting capabilities are nice Cons: Well thought out and implemented.

The software covers what I need. I also felt the training provided could have been a bit better. Secure management of documents post distribution and without using special software.

Digital Rights Management Features.

Secure and functional with great customer service. View full list of Document Management Software. The people at Vitrium have gone the extra mile to vjtrium us out, from the very beginning.

Slow loading, and downloading times for PDF documents. We encounter a small customer-related problem from time to time, but the people at Vitrium are quick to help us resolve it.


That must be done manually by sorting and filtering a spreadsheet for each user and each document. Who Uses This Software? And doing it all through the browser is a game changer. The admin creation experience is somewhat cumbersome, with some features containing limited editing capabilities.

Vitrium Security

We are testing Vitrium to provide additional security for our pdf newsletters. The support team is extremely helpful and patient in working to resolve the issues that may emerge from protecting, distributing and opening documents.

We have used Vitrium to secure PDFs for our media brand. Data analytics, digital rights management. The web viewer is brilliant and brings our documents to any device while still vitroum control.

We had do deal with a major bug that hurt our system for over a month before the fix was found. Vitrium was a bit bit hard to configure on Day 1. About Vitrium Security Vitrium provides enterprise content security and digital rights management DRM software for organizations that create, publish, or distribute proprietary, confidential or revenue-generating documents, images and video. Unfortunately, it has been slow recently.

Vitrium Security Reviews and Pricing –

Vitrium offers a great cloud based document security product. You get it directly from people who know the product and that save time, anxiety, and money. Not Likely Extremely Likely. I would recommend Vitrium to anyone looking to protect their content on PDF’s. It was new to us and we were unsure whether it would overly complicate the delivery of content.


Better error messaging would be helpful. Great technical support for a somewhat difficult to use product.

Vitrium allows us to easily and confidently share protected documents. Intellectual property protection for our materials. Not being able to see user’s passwords. Removing the DRM from all these pages is unfeasible. However, if you are protecting short, sensitive documents, you are better off using the web viewer, whose DRM can’t be defeated.

Nice solution to ivtrium. A quick counter on the UI would be ideal, and should be simple to add.

vitrum – Wiktionary

Should be able to watermark as well as you can on adobe. The online web viewer is an easy way for customers to view the report. Determining who is accessing documentation has been helpful to the organization. Average Ratings 16 Reviews 4.

Implementation took a little longer that we like, however it was still reasonable considering the complex systems we had to integrate with.

The ability vitrihm audit who reads what document when and control the access post distribution is a great feature.

Vitrium Security by Vitrium Systems. Unfortunately, it has been really slow recently.