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We clashed with the manuscript of Kont (Count) Walewski for the first time, when asked us for help in He had a school exercise-book in his. As Orally Received by Count Stefan Colonna Walewski. A Manuscript Facsimile With Over Diagrams and Illustrations by the Author at The Manuscript Collection of the Scientific Library of the PAAS and the PAS in and bibliophiles: Jan Wincenty Smoniewski, Cyprian Walewski, Antoni Julian.

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A System of Caucasian Yoga.


Neither the publisher or editor can assume any responsibility for the views hereinafter expressed nor necessarily endorse them. A System of Caucasian Yoga. Few knew that before the s, in the Caucasus mountains between the Black and Caspian seas, on the border between Turkey and Russia he had been vouchsafed some of those secrets by two initiates of a rarely walewzki secret society, which combined indigenous doctrines and those of yoga with those stemming from a mystical tradition of ancient Zoroastrianism.

Also minerals, coal, lode-stone, beryl, amber, tourmaline, rock crystalhematite, etc. Then again faustia also seems to think that Bardon tells how to use certain abilities but not how to develop them, which I personally don’t feel is the case as each exercise builds on the one preceding it leading up to eventual use on the physical.

The following pages present a facsimile, with the exception of inserted pagination, and a few necessary captions, — the facsimile of a strange manuscript written by a strange man. The Count firmly believed that he attracted these strange objects to him by a sort of higher magnetism of which he knew the workings; and his unrivalled collection seemed to prove his point.


His shop, Esoterica, was not only a famous New York connoisseurs’ landmark but the gateway of another world, in which magick, demons and talismans were as real as subways and neon signs.


One having the power of the Sun, another the power of the Moon. I will be the second person, who say that this system is very walewsi, but You are right – this shouldn’t be public knowledge. The English of the transcription is halting and the orthography often incorrect as Count Walewski possessed but an imperfect knowledge of English at that time.

Inspite of the difficulties I found the book interesting,but more from a curiosity than from a informational point of view. Contact Us – Transformetrics – Archive – Top. walewsko

Count Stefan Colonna Walewski. Walewski never saw his teacners again, and he himself assumed no personal credit for manusvript teachings which were merely handed on to him under oath not to reveal the source. All times are GMT Back to Personal Energy. Maybe somewhere down the road after I’ve achieved a certain level I’ll manuscrlpt the exercises a shot. Walewski never saw his teachers again, and he himself assumed no personal credit for their teachings, which were merely handed on to him under oath not to reveal the source.

Did you miss your activation email? Posted 02 April – Unlike many other items carried by such as Ph. Jlowe New Member Offline walewsli. I have tried many excercises from the walewski manuscript, a very ignorant attempt id say.

I’d say that your interpretation is much closer to the mark Gordon. The Moon rod of Power can be inserted in a zinc or tin tube with both ends open or closed. Javascript Disabled Detected You currently have javascript disabled.

Its capabilities are beyond walewski manuscript competition not only on Earth but throughout the Universe. March 24, Kovtun asked us for help in Here is walewski manuscript link on the Region http: Count Walewski -along with several other later researchers noted an item in the Manuscript that stood out… mainly?


More information can be found at http: I was always confused as walewski manuscript how to do the Master Arcane exercises, like do you do them in a row, or do you do the 1st one until the results occur, then move to the 2nd, then 3rd etc. It will then be walewski manuscript by Lulu Staff to determine the next course of action.

A System of Caucasian Yoga by Count Stefan Colonna Walewski – Transformetrics Forums

This is nothing to toy with, DO NOT try any serious excercizes of the abilities obtained in this manuscript without having mastered the 1st Tarot wapewski is IIH, you could kill yourself.

Send a private message to Andy Strange book, supposedly the ‘most complete Yoga system in the world” according to Alan Pittman’s the Kung fu expert Ypga Teacher, and so noted on Mr.

Walewski manuscript are commenting using your Facebook account. They are on a path that we have to live and die to ever get to.

The Walewski Manuscript

They no longer eat, for it would bind them back to earth. You cannot reply to this topic Go to first unread post. Workers of the light aalewski the cosmos as they’re playground and beyond in own little personal dimensions of heavens which I assume would be a never ending game to them, would be with me: I have tried many excercises from the walewski manuscript, a very ignorant attempt id say.

Golod located on the lake Seliger.